Song of the Moment: It Happens To Be That Way…


Dear God, can this song be any perfect? The feelssssss! I just can’t take it; this heart wrenching song by Fly To The Sky really chewed my heart good. I’m emotionally very fragile today due to the death news from home and the title to this song, It Happens To Be That Way, is somewhat fit in with my situation. But I don’t want to be drowned by my death news. It’s too devastating now. However, I do want to be drowned by this song. It is just too beautiful to be ignored. You know you can’t deny this duo – they will always come out with a good stuff! I don’t really get the MV though… I thought the groom was being unreasonable for walking out of his own wedding just because his other “girl” was unhappy to see him getting married. What about his soon-to-be wife? Why did he propose to her in a first place? No one should  be left alone in the altar. Well, that is just my opinion. I’m sure there is a plot twist somewhere… OR will they release another song and continue the MV? Hmmmm…


As of now, all I care is the song. This beautiful, out of this world, song. Please take a moment and listen to it. Get ready to be blown away by the R&B duo. They are just daebak!


What do you think?

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