Breaking News: Kiss Me!!!!


No really, kiss me!!!! Or perhaps, pinch me is way better put *giggle* *wink*. I can’t believe Kiss Me trailer is out!!!! Come, join me and squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Look at the cast! I am really looking forward to watch them, especially Aom and Mike! The airing is still tentative at this moment, or as far as I know. But I’m pretty sure it is in October. Ohhh, Kiss Me! Yes yes yes!


4 thoughts on “Breaking News: Kiss Me!!!!

  1. Super cute! It’s weird because they got married in Full House and now they’re high school kids lol this makes me want to watch all the adaptations before Kiss Me starts


      • I’ve watched Full House it was cute I love the ice cream part lol I;ll check out Kiss Me when it comes out but I think I’ll be weird-ed out because in my mind they are adults lol. I loved the Korean Version it was hilarious and cute. The Japanese version season 1 was adorable too. I like the Taiwanese version but to me the K version took the cake.


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