Currently Watching: The Eccentric Daughter-In-Law


Yeap, I decided to watch this show out of peer pressure. Do I hate it? Nope. Do I like it? Nope. The Eccentric Daughter-In-Law is a lukewarm drama for my taste. I’m not used to watching a sort of family weekend drama on weekday slot. I don’t know, it is completely different feeling. Most of the scenes were shot in the studio and you know what that is, right? It doesn’t give you the real life weekday drama feeling. I feel incomplete whenever I watch it *shrugs*. This is certainly a new vision KBS is trying. I love that they are doing new things.. and especially that this drama is only 12 episodes long, I did not hesitate to watch it even though I was pressured by chingu.


Because this drama has the weekend drama vibe to it, the characters in this drama really, REALLY, mirror the characters from the weekend dramas! Ack!!!! I really hate it! KBS brought in two crazy mother-in-law characters into the table! One is a meany and another is an evil-disguise-as-angel. These two MiL kinds are a big no-no to me! And both of them love their sons wayyyyyy too much. I’m not a fan of momma’s boy. But this drama focuses more on the meany MiL, and she is not an easy chick to handle. No, no, no. I hated her. Wait, that’s too gentle. She disgusts me with the way she treated her daughter in law. We are living in the 21st century and as much as you and I know, we don’t deserve to be treated like a third citizen.


There are too many stories within this drama but I’m going to focus on the main OTP because they are grazing the cover of the poster and they are the cutest of the bunch. Who is she? She is On In-Yeong but well known as Ruby, an outdated idol singer. Because her popularity is dipping down, her CEO agency enrolled her in a “fake marriage” variety show (kinda like We Got Married except she stays with his real family!) and hoped that she would win millions of heart again with her beauty and with daughter-in-law charisma. He, on the other hand, is Cha Myeong Seok. A genius math professor that has passed a marriage age, sadly still living in his traditional home with his mom, grandpa, and his lazy bum brother and wife and nephew. So Ruby was forced to do all the hard work a first daughter in law should do at home. She has never laid a finger on cooking or doing any household stuffs but one thing she has in her are her determination, her courage to try AND…. she has a six sense in taste bud!


Ruby plays along and on and off was able to win over her fake MiL and somewhat won Myeong Seok’s heart as well. But her fake MiL does not expect her son to fall for Ruby. Of course, as expected, they both are even though they have not confess their love life in person (but I think he just did in the beginning of episode 7!). Ruby lied to him and said she has a businessman boyfriend whereas Myeong Seok said he has a prospect arranged date (which is true!). They are both jealous for no reason, to be honest. As of now, they have a bigger problem. His mom! How do you think they would win the mom’s heart? I can see that MiL id slowly opening up to Ruby. I look forward to the day Ruby wins her heart!


I definitely would recommend The Eccentric Daughter In Law even though it is a lukewarm drama for my taste. I simply focus on the OTP. The story is pretty predictable but the pace can be extremely boooooooring at times. It started at a good pace and then it went borderline sleepy pace and then up again. KBS really exercise their weekend drama style in this one. I’m glad I’m trained to handle this style of drama but I’m not sure if others could handle it. You need to be a seasoned watcher to be able to enjoy The Eccentric Daughter In Law. And come to think of it, it’s only 12 episodes long so I’m sure you can handle the angst and humor. *smile* And I could! 4 more episodes to go! Perhaps, this is KBS’ new tactic to lure watchers to watch their weekend dramas? *shrugs* I don’t know, just a wild thought *grin*



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