Wednesday Eu-Mak: Introduction to Autumn


Happy Autumn Day, everyone! Today marks the first day of autumn and I’m excited! Coincidentally, my hub brought me a bowl of pumpkin soup! Isn’t it appropriate for this weather? *giggle* And you know what else is happening here in my area? Pope Francis is here! Yeap, I made it just in time yesterday to watch his arrival live on the net. Unfortunately, I will be watching his parade from far. The city is packed with hooooooooman and so, my office is closed and we are all working from home. And wow, look at the time… I overslept and did not prepare for anything for this post today. *laughs* Can you blame me? I get to sleep in!!! So speaking of introduction to autumn, all the clips for today’s post are live performance of some of my favorite groups! Enjoy!!!


FT Island

SNSD – Girl’s Generation




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