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Guess who joined the Noble, My Love cult? Me! ME! MEEEEEEEE! Guess who made me join the cult? Grace! Am I happy to be part of this cult? Oh, hell yeah! And since it is a webdrama of less than 17 minutes long per episode? Of course, I am happy! Wanjeong hanbeokasaeyo! You all know me and my endless love with webdrama, right? Oh boy, I’m so happy to oblige! I plan to marathon this drama today! Wish me luck! And so it begin… this time I intend to give you a brief synopsis of my live giddy to you *giggle*

Episode 1

noble 1

Kang Hoon, our handsome yet arrogant CEO met Dr. Cha, the vet, for the first time! Look at them! Angry faces all over them! What do I see? Sparks!!!! Ja jang!!! Kyeopta to the max!

Episode 2


Ooops, what do we have here???? We are only on episode 2 and this happened! Wanna know why? Kang Hoon was kidnapped but was able to get himself untied but accidentally stabbed by one of his kidnappers. He ended up on Dr. Cha’s practice. She treated him even though she is not licensed to treat human! *hands on cheeks* Omo!

Episode 3

noble 2

Now that my dear, is the look of love! Someone is falling!!! He was forced to pay Dr. Cha a visit and of course, to compensate her for what she did to him. But that look though… Shiny shiny!!! And yes, I’m gushing here like mad! Off to episode 4!

Episode 4

noble 3

Aigooooo… Awkward! What happened here? Apparently uri CEO-nim doesn’t like her cat! Anyway, Kang Hoon thinks her invoice is too low and he felt offended by her small fees. He decided to pay her by offering a bigger space for her practice and when she said no to him, he instead bought her building and forced her to leave! That is not very nice of you, CEO-nim! She’s trying to make a living there! 8 years of vet school is not easy!!! But now that she’s forced out of her lease, would she take his offer?

Episode 5

noble 4

Lookie, lookie… Who is trying to be dominant here? *giggle* The truth is she failed at it! Big time! She ended up accepting his offer with a condition: she will pay him no matter what! Guess what, yeoreobun? He accepted her challenge!!! Aigoo aigoo… They will be business partners! He’s the lender, she’s the loaner! Will this relationship works? *wink*

Episode 6

noble 5

Oh, what do we have here? A birthday party? Nope! Dr. Cha was just celebrating and praying for good fortune since her new practice will be opening soon. But guess who ruined the party? Uri Kang Hoon, of course! He asked for a lunch date but *scoff* through his assistant. So instead of going, she made his assistant clean up the place together with her and thus, forced Kang Hoon to come to her instead *laughs*. She sure has her a way with him *wink*. But you know, bad news is coming. Her frenemy is bullying her. Urgh, I hate her. If you were me, you will hate her too! Next episode, please!

Episode 7

noble 6

Introducing…. the frenemies!!!! The one in coral dress is the good one, the other two are the enemies. I don’t intend to follow their jealousy to the end so this will be your first and last intro of them! On this episode, the only important agenda you need to keep in mind is dating contract! Now, would Dr. Cha accept his proposal? What do you think? *wink*

Episode 8

noble 7

Yeap, she agreed to a 3-month dating contract! Need I say more??? *grin* That’s a plenty of time for their love to blossom! But you know what, the truth is, they ARE falling for each other!

Episode 9

noble 8

Yes, when the man calls, you better be at your best behavior! And that’s what she did! Was it written in the contract? Who cares! This is why I love dating contract! But she was called to save his ass! Apparently, he has a stalker! She really saved his life though! This ahjumma aka Dr. Cha is jjang!!! Kang Hoon better be grateful to her!

Episode 10

noble 9

Aiiiii, kyeopta!!!! She’s making a scrapbook for their first date! Look how miserable he is! The truth is he doesn’t know how to take selca!!! But guess what else happened in this episode? *giggle* Andwae hmm mmm mmm, I can’t tell you. You need to watch it *wink*

Episode 11

noble 10

She closed her practice because she couldn’t stand the fact that they shared an accidental kiss and he didn’t call her back to check on her! *roflmao* she is becoming needy, yeoreobun! But what I like the most on this episode? It’s the makeover time!!! And he totally fall for her!!! TOTALLY! *snickers* I hate the ending of this episode though. That kiss!!! T____T Why so forceful??? Andwae!!!

Episode 12

noble 11

Ya, Kang Hoon-ssi! Was it a mistake or not? Make up your mind, CEO-nim! She has feelings too! But once a dominant, always a dominant! And he exactly did that! He came back and swept her back in a cold, mannish and noble way…. Well, at least he took her back and took care of her sprained ankle. Anyway… the best part of this episode? He proposed!!!! Well, of a different kind! You wanna know? He asked her to move in with him!!!! Yeah, Kang-Hoon ah!!!! *growl*

Episode 13

noble 12

Here comes super lunatic dominant!!! And on this episode, he really is Mr. Dominant! He came to the rescue! He wanted her to move in with him so desperately though and when someone else picked up his calls, jealous was written all over his face once again. Well, he is actually jealous at any males that talk to her. Will this push his limit though? What would happened with their contract? *bites lips* Or is it one of his sneaky tactics again to get her to move in with him? *wiggles brows*

Episode 14

noble 13

Yeap, he’s out to make her life miserable! All he wants… Is for her to come to him! Will she realizes it? Look how hot mess she is now and I’m enjoying every minute of it! But the turn of the event is coming! He denied that he will ever hold on to her once this contract ended but she asked the most shocking question to him! What if she doesn’t want to let him go? Whoaaaaa!!! Shocking truth! She’s surrendering herself! *jaws on the floor* Next episode, please!

Episode 15

noble 14

Well, she moved in with him alright! And so smitten by his gesture for making her a breakfast. They sort out the house chores like a normal couple would do… So now we just need to wait for the magic to happen! I’m excited and can’t wait!!! *giggle* And one more thing, lots of fangirl squee scenes on this episode! The best one? When Kang Hoon went for a jog! Holy mother of God! *drools*

Episode 16

noble 15

He surrendered to her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’d like to thank Manager Kang for this kiss-squee fest! Thank you very kamsa, Manager Kang!!! Jjeongmal, jjeongmal kamsamhapnida! In this episode, though we thought it is all settled, another hurdle rolled to interrupt our OTP. Lee Kang Joon!!! Who? Kang Hoon’s brother!!!! Oy, the battle over brothers! This could get ugly! Ack!

Episode 17

noble 16

Okay, this episode blew my mind. He said “I have my eyes on you the minute I wake up. So have your eyes on me, too.” Whoa!!! Now THAT is super lunatic dominant!!! He continues to be controlling on Dr. Cha. As much as I like it, and I know his concern over her being, he needs to understand boundary and space. Hmmmm, eokshi is he feeling insecure? *sigh* Okay, I think Kang Hoon is going to have his biggest hurdle soon! His mom!!!! Aigoo aigoo… how will he handle his evil queen? *hands on cheeks*

Episode 18

noble 17

His insecurity is outshining his personality now on this episode. He warned his brother not to touch her. All because of their past! Apparently his kid bro stole his girlfriend. Well, that explains the insecurity… Poor boy *pouts*. But now it’s revenge time. Kang Hoon ignored his kid brother. But you know, something unexpected happened. Well, of course, something good happened but when Yoon Seo beat the crap of Kang Hoon’s brother… I could swear he had this what-did-she-just-say face! I laughed so hard at his expression! He was totally proud of his woman! And by the way, more fan service on this episode *wiggles brows* until…

Episode 19


Ze mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh, she doesn’t buy his proposal for Yoon Seo! So she threw out the prenuptial agreement onto Kang Hoon! Gasp!!! This agreement disappointed her big time! What would Kang Hoon do? Aigoo aigoo… Will she take her chances? All I wanna say is that I’m quite sick by contracts!

Episode 20 (finale)

noble 19

The finale! The tears. The fight. The separation. Is it all worth it? *pouts* It hurts to see Kang Hoon somber like that. A man should not be asked to make such decision for love. Mommy dearest is definitely meanie! *fuming excessively* But look at her! Now she IS an ahjumma!!!! *laughs* To be honest, I don’t really care as long as I get my happy ending! And I did!!!! *grins from ear to ear*

noble 20

Kekeke. I love the show! And in case you were curious, here is the trailer:

And a bonus pic *giggle*


I hope you enjoy Noble, My Love!


18 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Noble, My Love

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      • I really enjoyed episodes 16 and 18 – being able to see his insecurities and find out more about his family. That’s when we realize that LKH has his own weaknesses. I also loved the scene where he has a blind date with CYS’s frenemy. How he called her out! She totally deserved it and also it makes me happy that not all male leads are gullible. I don’t remember what episode that scene appears in though.


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  4. Enjoyed it vey much. Kang Hoon would be the only man, I would let him treat me this way. Sometimes his overprotections, that is a bit sick was cute. Do you think Jae Kyung’s good be better? And where Sung Hoon has been hiding all this time?

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