Wednesday Eu-Mak: NeonBunny Rocks My World!


Yeoreobun, let’s skip the usual greetings! Are you ready to rock your music world today? I am and I promise I won’t disappoint you! My today’s discovery is none other than NeonBunny! Get ready to get your mind blown by her warming voice! First stop is a track titled It’s You. This song is so awesome I just can’t stop listening to it!!! Her voice is so ahhhh-mazing! And this song is too damn good to be missed!

The next song on the list is called Oh My Prince. Ohh! *giggle*. Oy her voice is so dreamy and this song gives that late 80s, early 90s vibe. Don’t you think?

And my last song for this post is A Polar Bear. What a funny title. A bunny singing on polar bear. This song is quite addictive. I find it hard not to like it. The music is so fresh and different. It’s definitely a break from my usual kpop. I like it.

neon bunny oh my prince

Oh bunny, why do I only discover you now? I’m officially a fan! Please continue to be awesome! I love me some electro-pop songs! Yay!


One thought on “Wednesday Eu-Mak: NeonBunny Rocks My World!

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