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Meet Face/Off, Japanese version! Yeap, that is my conclusion after watching 8 episodes in one sitting. I realized that I should stop to blog it because otherwise I’ll see to the end of it! With 29 minutes long per episode, this drama is packed with revenge you and I may have secretly plotted in our heads! *laughs* Be it with your spouse, mother, father, enemy, best friend, or lover! Face-Maker has an interesting concept plot which I find it super interesting. None of the episodes are related. The only common ground? The face-maker himself!


Of all the 8 episodes I have seen, the best friend episode was the most obnoxious one of the bunch. It was a greedy revenge that I felt very selfish and insane. Two best friends moved in to Tokyo and became hostesses in a prominent club. Oh goodness, my brain is refusing to work with me now so I’ll rename the characters myself *wink*. Maki and Minako it is. Maki is a gorgeous girl whereas Minako is an ugly duckling. Maki is always on the top of the hostesses’ sales list. Minako always at the bottom of the list. One night she was told by Maki that the reason she paired up with her was because it gives advantage to Maki. Minako decided to take her revenge on Maki and went to the face-maker.


As you have guested, Minako got a brand new face and a new identity to suit her new beauty. She plotted her revenge on Maki and brought her down. She later confessed who she is and dragged Maki to see the face-maker. Can you guest what happened next? Oy it was the unthinkable. It was the cruelest revenge! I just can’t… You just have to watch it!!! But one thing to ponder if you do decided on watching Face-Maker is that… the face-maker himself. Besides his own identity as a skilled plastic surgeon for the US’ Federal Witness Protection Program *rolls eyes* and assisted by his sister nurse, who exactly funded him? All the patience that came to him and asked for a different change were not charged a single penny. In return, they were asked to give their faces. But what is his agenda actually? To teach them a lesson? To play God? And why? What does he gets out of this? *scratches head*

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Face-Maker is a 13-episode, 2010 drama. I wouldn’t want to say it’s an easy watch drama. Some of the stories are true events… I’m not trying to be exaggerating but it can choked you a bit… The mother/daughter episode was sickening. The father/daughter episode was shocking! So yeah… That was my impression. And what if you bum into someone that has your previous face? Uhm if you ask me whether the show is good or not, well… It’s a drama of life. You’ve seen and heard the plots. Just be prepare to gasp if you decided on it. I’m not going to force it on you but I just persuaded Bel *giggle*.

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4 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Face-Maker

      • The one with the twins because I wasn’t expecting that. The mother/daughter one was nice and sad. I liked the ending, that was a nice surprise too. The men stories weren’t the strongest, though the boxer one gave you pause. Those are the ones I remember the most. You?


        • Goodness, the twin story was shocking! And the father/daughter one was nasty. I like the BFF story one the most. They hated each other and now with a twist of fate, they will hate each other. I think one of the most worse revenge ever. The ending was a surprise! I didn’t expect sensei has a makeover too!


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