Currently Watching: Nevertheless, I Love You


Yes, I’m being spontaneous. I was about to start Twenty Again until I saw the link to this drama on DramaCool. I got curious and quickly searched for it on MDL. Hey, it’s a recently wrapped drama with 4 episodes! I thought to myself… WHY NOT? So here I am blogging it as I started on the first episode. It seems interestingly funny and not many people have seen it. Well, let’s jump on Nevertheless, I Love You wagon with me! And being that it is an adaptation from a manga of the same title, I think this drama should be interesting to watch *grin*.

nevertheless 1

The story started with Yusuke in a delivery room. At first I thought the woman that was about to give birth is his wife but it turns out, it was his aunt. And then the story moves rather quickly, and you will find yourself with him in a church reminiscing his past life to this nun that walks in unexpectedly. The story started happy with his life and his parents. He loves his mom so much but had a change of heart in 4th grade when he started falling for his teacher. But later on, he hated her because she treated him like a kid! *laughs* *facepalm* kids these days! The story then moved back to his parents. Their marriages was shaken by his dad’s affairs and it drove his mom bat shit crazy. Long story short, his mom ended up stabbing his dad. Yusuke regretted his action on that day. Had he not went out to the zoo to see his favorite sensei, the stabbing incident would have not happened! In all, Yusuke blamed no one but himself for betraying his love for his mom. It was a sad feeling but the presentation of the first episode did not make it too dramatic.

nevertheless 2

Yusuke then moved with his grandma and aunt, and treated his dad as another stranger. His life was not good, he failed at his school and had to repeat his exam again! But the most important part is that he remains a virgin even after graduated. Hmmmm *rubs chin*, this part can be a bit disgusting. TMI, show! TMI! *laughs* Anyway, Yusuke works hard and it was paid off when he met a tragic girl in school and he started to fall for her. He was so blinded by her and not realized that she’s using him in everything. Yeap, that is one desperate boy! *shakes head* Will he learn his lesson? And on the third episode, he met with an older rich yet needy woman. Yikes! He became a sex slave! *laughs out loud* He’s definitely has no in luck with women!

nevertheless 4

Nevertheless, I Love You depicts a story of Yusuke’s past romance. His love for his mom, his teacher, uni-mate and client. At 4 episodes long with each episode lasted for less than 25 minutes, I think I don’t mind wasting my time on this drama. So far it is nothing but cute (and tiny nasty so BEWARE!) but I’m a big girl, I can totally handle it. I have one episode to go and really looking forward to Yusuke’s fate in romance. Will he get lucky?

nevertheless 5


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