Song of the Moment: Congratulations


Thanks to, well you know who you are, I’m now a fan of this song by Day6. Who are they? They are the latest product of JYP. This rock band, consisted of 6 members, debuted last month with a mini album called, The Day. There is nothing much I could dig on them except these newbie pups are adorable and sound pretty young. The consolation? Congratulations. This song is pretty strong and powerful. The minute I heard it, I immediately sold by it. Why didn’t I listen to it earlier? I’m a month behind! That’s one month of less squee in my life! Oy… Have you heard of it? Here, take a listen for me. And quit being a bias!

How do you like it? Their vocals are absolutely fine despite some mini flaws but *shrugs* I can deal with it. I’m not that picky *grin*. Well, Congratulations to Day6 for their awesome debut! I wish them luck!



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