Wednesday Eu-Mak: Come back, Aaron!!!!


Where are you, Aaron? I’m pretty sure the ladies are waiting for you. But please…… PLEASE choose your next drama wisely! Your previous drama was a tragedy but, as your loyal fan, I stood by you till the end. But ya know, I can’t guarantee you that I will be loyal again if your next drama ends up to be another disaster! I have my limits too *sticks tongue out*.


So yeoreobun, yes… you guessed it right! I’m dedicating today’s posst to Aaron and his recent awesome songs. The first one is called No Cut. And Puff Guo is in it! Don’t they look fine together? She’s too adorable… They both could be the modern Bonnie and Clyde! Ohhh wait wait! The Taiwanese Troublemaker! What do you think? But if you watch this video carefully, *cringes* Puff cannot dance! Hey, I thought she’s in a famous girl group so how can she not know how to dance? Yikes! Anyway, enjoy the song! No Cut has the typical mandopop vibe and the beat is awesome. I love the sound of the guitar. Aaron is awesome, as always. *wink* And the song is somewhat contagious… I cannot stop humming to it!

The next song is called Unstoppable Sun. I tell you… Aaron shirtless for the entire vid? My imagination could have gone wild!!! Oooph, I need to get back to my senses! And Puff in the vid again? Wow! I totally ship these two! Their chemistry is just off the chart! Can we have another round of drama staring these two adorbs again? Plllllease! Now, about the song… there is something mysterious that is definitely hard to explain it. I’ve listen to it gazillion times and I still can’t get over it. It is just the way Aaron sing it… So beautiful. And the language is just beautiful. Thank you, Aaron, for singing it beautifully…

Lovely song, isn’t it? Hope you took your time and appreciate the song *smiles*. Well anyways, you will not see eu-mak post in the next three weeks. I’ll be away on work trip again and I can’t guarantee that I will have a great internet connection or the time to blog! But no worries, this will be my final work trip this year. I’m very happy and excited to go on this trip. I’m feeling blessed to travel for work and getting on my usual adventure. I hope you won’t miss me too much *wink*. Until then… enjoy October!


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Eu-Mak: Come back, Aaron!!!!

  1. “Unstoppable Sun” was “Just You” OST, loved it then and still love it and surely listening to it again brings back wonderful memories ❤
    I am so in for a reunion of these two ^^


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