Breaking News: Imaginary Cat


And I quoted from Erl, praise the Drama Gods!!!!!! Yoo Seung Ho, my drama bias, is making a comeback on an MBC webdrama called Imaginary Cat!!! Oh my God, oh my God….! Can someone hold my hands, please??? Yoo Seung Ho and a cat??? *gasping for air* Two of my favorite things in the whole wide world!!! Goodness gracious! My world is spinning! I just can’t! This is so unreal! *hands on cheeks*. Pinch me, please! So what I know is that Imaginary Cat is scheduled to air this November. There is no mentioned of the number of episodes – the more the merrier!!! And what the show is about? Seung Ho will play a character as a stubborn webtoon writer and has a cat name Boggil. And I guess we will be following the story of the two of them… I can’t wait to meet Boggil!!!! And I can’t wait to see Seung Ho back on my screen! Imaginary Cat is based on Kim Gyung’s 2014 webcomic called. Sangsanggoyangi. I must check the comic now… *giggle*. Is November here???? Palli palli! *looks at her calendar impatiently*


What do you think?

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