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I suddenly feel lost. Noble, My Love made me feel super happy and giddy that any dramas I saw right after just could not fill in the hole in my drama watch *pouts*. I tried to focus on my dailies but with Bel’s internet connection slowing down (which is now resolved), I resort to watching something else. I wanted to keep up with All About My Mom (reviews to come up soon), but it felt too soon to start invest in another kdrama. I browsed Viki for something different and came across with Koinaka. Spontaneously, I decided to watch it. Yeap, spontaneously. You know me. I don’t read synopsis. I watch my dramas on impulse except on few shows. Anywho, Koinaka is the chosen drama! My hub walked out on me when I started it… He said my lub fairy tales continues once again… *giggle*. He’s just jeaous! *wink*


Koinaka is a very short drama, only 9 episodes long. If you have the time, you could marathon it in a day. What I like about it is that the development of character of the three main casts in this drama. The pace is quite slow but after watching several fast pace dramas, Koinaka really brings me back to my own equilibrium. I feel safe now. And this drama makes me feel safe. There were several frustration scenes that I feel it could have been done on different approaches. But whatever… I’m not going to throw a fit on it. As of now, I have seen 7 episodes but I fell asleep watching episode 7… ooops! I’ll rewatch again!


Koinaka, as reminded by Bel, has Reply 1994 vibe. It’s true. But unlike Reply 1994, Koinaka has few flashback scenes and mostly the story take places in the present time. The story started with two bestie, Aoi and Akari. Aoi was a great swimmer during in his school time. He was the perfect guy that you wanna date but loves (not by choices) making impulse decisions. Aoi has been great friends with Akari since young and develops feelings for her. But because he is indecisive, he never had the chance to let her know how his true feelings. A new boy who happens to move in to his class and share the same name as Aoi (let’s call him Aoi2) became good friends with Akari as well. He, too, develops feelings towards her. So now we see the dilemma here, right?. Two boys sharing the same name are in love with Akari. On the night of the firework festival, Aoi confessed her feeling towards her bestie (and kissed him) but Aoi couldn’t say his feelings to her. He was shocked by Akari’s kiss! It turns out that was his last time meeting her. She disappeared the next day with her dad and he never heard a single news of her ever again! What a nightmare, right?


Fast forward 7 years later, Aoi is now an assistant architect in an architecture agency. And suddenly, out of nowhere, Aoi2 stopped by Aoi’s office and told him that  he found Akari. Well, the news was not just that, but to he also wants Aoi to know that Akari is his fiancee. Aoi2 has been envious over Aoi and Akari’s relationship. To make the matter worse, he asked for Aoi’s blessing for him and Akari. What a L.O.S.E.R!!! Don’t you think? Akari hasn’t approved their relationship and as a matter of fact, I don’t think she sees him as her potential husband. When Akari met up with Aoi again, the sparks between her and Aoi started again. They both confessed that they each were each other’s first true love! Sweet, isn’t it?


In the next 2 episodes, I look forward to see how these two escape Aoi2’s possessive behavioud. I really don’t want Akari to be with Aoi2. He has been jelly over Aoi and Akari’s friendship and he is determined to get rid anyone that crosses his path. Wah… a total psycho, isn’t it? Will Akari be able to get rid of Aoi2 so that she can be together with Aoi? I can’t wait to finish it! However, will I recommend it? Usually, I don’t like the back and forth flashback but it is necessary for Koinaka. The flashback lets me understand these characters better. I love the development of these characters then and now. Aoi was a timid and shy boy who now is a very confident and mature person. Aoi2 was lonely but felt welcomed by Aoi and Akari. As an adult, he had let his jealousy feeling taking over his body and now wishing that he could make Aoi jealous of him and Akari. As a young teen, Akari was a carefree girl but after disappeared for years, she has now turned to be more reserve and cautious. So if you ask me again whether would I recommend it, it’s a yes and no. Yes if you are fine with a slower but very in depth character development but I would say no due to the pace of this drama. I really can’t give a straight answer. I’m actually in love with this drama… *wink*



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