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Goodness, I have gone insane. I’m watching a Taiwanese drama again! I cannot believe I bought into Sada’s squee! *facepalm* Why am I so fragile and delicate lately? *sigh* I am too easy but Sada meant good though. I’m already on episode 19 and not once i thought of quitting Moon River! Surprise surprise! Yeah, I surprised myself too! How can this be, right? After my previous Mandarin-speaking drama, you know which one *wink*, I thought it was the end of my Taiwanese and Chinese drama watch roll for 2015. Well, it turns out I surrender myself rather too quickly!


Moon River is basically a modernized Boys Over Flower (BoF) with few twists. In my humble opinion, it’s a way better than BoF. So what are the twists? Number 1: There is no F4. There are only 3 boys! Yes, one less name to remember! *laughs* Number 2: The kids are all in college. Woot woot, no uniforms! Number 3: The female lead is the most ferocious, aggressive and tomboyish girl I’ve seen! In another word, totally BETTER than Geum Jan Di! Number 4: The obstacle between the OTP and their love, aside from the female lead being extremely shy and clueless, is the one and only meanie mouse aka Sha Sha! Number 5: It is the male lead that does all the work to pursue her!!! Yay for that!!!! Now let’s hope the situation will remain the same until the end of the series… For once, I really want to see the female lead plays hard to get until the end… *grins*


To sum Moon River up, Xiao Xi received a scholarship to attend a prestigious college in the city. She became known as the gangsta in school immediately on her first day *facepalm*. Due to her first fight in school, she immediately created tension between herself and the school management. The girls despise her. The boys, hated her in the beginning, accept her quirky and animated personality. Liu Bing, one of the three boys, was not fond of Xiao Xi at all. I mean, even you won’t be fond of her, too. She’s rough and tough; there is no trace of feminine in her. She dresses very conservatively. She carries the old china man basket carrier around. She is also very traditional. But she has a good heart. Sure, her caring and forgiving are not as you hope for, but they are there and that makes how Xiao Xi is accepted and embraced easily by Liu Bing and Jian Che.


The story line eventually follows them going through they typical lifestyle of rich and famous, and to walk into a non-glamorous life, too. Xiao Xi went for a tiny makeover that impresses the boys yet maintaining her village-self quality. Her true self really stood up in their eyes as she appeared extremely genuine. in which she is! Xiao Xi was innocently accused for cheating in her exam and managed to prove herself otherwise. The boys went to her hometown in hopes of winning her heart but the cold Liu Bing won her instead Mr. Charming Jian Che. Liu Bing’s love for her is stronger that he was thrown out of his home with no money. He moved in to Xiao Xi’s place and eventually, this rich boy had to work to earn his living.


So the whole drama went from hate to love to survival. See, it walks through BoF plots but way, WAY better. I highly recommend Moon River. She is funny, cute and quirky. He’s cold and curious yet caring. Jian Che is sensitively romantic, in which the guy every girls dream of. The drama is very predictable. But to watch the same typical rich boy, poor girl drama with fresher plots, I certainly enjoy it. For some of us who missed BoF but can’t stand Geum Jan Di, Moon River will make you feel better *grin*. Besides, it’s only 45 minutes long and with 30 episodes, I think you can handle it easily.



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