Just Watched: 6 Persons Room


I decided to watch 6 Persons Room to kill time while having breakfast and taking a break from my endless reports. Life away from home and away from work desk really take me away from all my luxuries. It’s ok, I just need to be tiny patience and I’ll be back to my own comfort zone soon *beam*. So anyway, this drama was never in my radar. Following the Noble, My Love craze, Bel found another Sung Hoon’s webdrama. And since it is only a 5-episode drama with average length between 11 to 16 minutes long, I had to give it a go and I completed it in one sitting. You totally can do it too! *wink*


First of all, let me warn ya! If you’re looking for Sung Hoon’s abs, you won’t see any. If you’re looking for his charm like in Noble, you won’t see much either. This drama doesn’t focus on him alone even though he is the main lead. But I was really absorbed by the story. It’s quite compelling. However, no matter how much I tried, I was completely lost. Hmmmm… Either the story plots were too abstract or my mind was wandering around too often. I was able to follow some of the stories but not all. And in the end, I was not sure whether it was a dream or death, or a vision of future. I had to seek Bel and she said he was in coma state. Now that makes more sense…


So what happened to him that got him in this state? Min Soo was at work site when he suddenly slipped from climbing a ladder. He fell on the ground and was taken to a hospital. He woke up in a room with 5 female patients. Each patients have stories to tell. Min Soo got very closed to them, especially with the little girl in which I didn’t catch her name was. But in the end, in my opinion, these 5 female patients are simply characters in his head. I think! I’m not quite sure as I told you earlier, I was lost. One thing I hate about this drama was that I wanted more but the show is too short! If they could spin this show to a real drama long, we could get a lot more out of 6 Persons Room! And since it is this short, I highly recommend it for your quick watch!

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5 thoughts on “Just Watched: 6 Persons Room

  1. Glad you got to watch it! The characters are not just figments of his imagination. For instance, the “Mother” is actually his mother, and the red sweater is one that she’s knitted for him. This was such a poignant webdrama. I loved the main character’s narration at the end when he says how there is one moment in his life that he replays a myriad of times in his head each day, wondering what if…
    I also loved the byline of the title–“3 years and 6 months…a long time to wait”–that indicates just how long he’s been in a coma. If anything, this was a beautifully crafted webdrama that seemed to have a frame narrative within a frame narrative. His coma-stuck self is aware but then also has these moments of play with the patients. Ack~! I can’t wait until I am on winter break when I can blog to my heart’s content. lol.


    • Oh my god, is that what it is? I’m too shallow to get it. So at one point, there was a flashback of how he should have dressed properly in the construction place with a proper gear aka helmet. Was that him subconsciously regretting it?

      This is why I need friends like you and Bel to tell me what is it about. Now I get it… 🙂


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