Just Watched: Gangnam Blues, I Just Wanna Hug You & A Stitch of Life

Hello again! My movie watch continues as I saw these three movies on my way home. I saw the fourth movie but looks like I won’t be able to blog it. Wae? *giggle* I forgot the title! I feel so old *laughs*. I should have taken note as I always do. *shrugs* I’ll figure out the title one day… Anyway, here are my quick review on these three movies. Hope it helps you!

Gangnam Blues (2015)


So yeah, I finally decided to watch Gangnam Blues. I was curious to what everyone was raving about. Well… This movie is definitely not for me. It was dark and as expected, full of testosterone. I spent most of my time yawning than watching it. This movie could have been better, I think. The story began with two childhood orphans were dragged into a fight in Seoul. They both entered the underworld of gangster. Jong Dae was taken in by a semi-retired gangster lord. After awhile, he got involved in a fight between the land in Gangnam. Sadly, this movie is so bias. I see only Jong Dae’s story (played by Lee Min Ho) but very minimal on Yong Ki (Kim Rae Won). Like I said, it could have been better had the director focus on both rather than one character. So unfair!

Dakishimetai: Shinjitsu no Monogatari (2014)


Well, this movie made me cry! It was a wonderful drama! I seriously highly recommend this movie! Based on a true story, this movie is all about unconditional love. Tsukasa is paralyzed from waist down after involved in an accident in high school. The accident not only costs her legs, but also her memories. But she did not let her illness slow her down and decided to live by herself. She met Masaki one day and fought her right to use half of the basketball court with Masaki and his friends. From then on, Masaki got curious with her and started approaching her. Before you know it, Masaki fell for her and decided to accept every obstacles that knock on his door. The movie ended with Tsukasa’s death but don’t let her death stop you from watching it. It is a drama with heart.

Tsukuroi Tatsu Hito (2015)


Another great movie I saw on the plane. I’m loving the slow pace of this movie. It was very detail and thoughtful. I hesitant to watch it in the beginning. The summary didn’t grasp it at all. It sounded bloody boooring. But I regretted starting it late. It was a wonderful life drama! Just like Dakishimetai: Shinjitsu no Monogatari. Ichie is a dressmaker, she continues the legacy her grandmother left behind and continues to make clothes using her grandmother’s old sewing machine. The clothes she made was very personal and Ichie appreciated her customers’ value on hers and grandmother’s work. One day, she was approached by Fujii. Fujii is a fashion lover and feels that Ichie’s work should be known to others as well. Ichie, on the other hand, refuse to advertise her work. This is just a great movie life. Everything in this movie is very personal. You will feel as if you’re taken care by Ichie through her dressmaking. I really enjoyed this movie so much!


8 thoughts on “Just Watched: Gangnam Blues, I Just Wanna Hug You & A Stitch of Life

  1. Although I find Japanese films to be slow-paced and without emotional peaks lately, the last film you mentioned caught my attention and watched the YouTube trailer. I will definitely watch it sooner or later…BTW, I know both actors in it and that’s so rare, lol
    Gangnam Blues, as a crime k-film, was below par. This particular genre (along with the well-known melodramas) got me hooked long before I’ve known k-dramaland’s existence. KRW was LMH’s “babysitter” (obviously!) and he didn’t do anything out of his ordinary, but always amazing, self. Let’s not forget that when he was LMH’s age, or younger, he was giving one fantastic performance right after another, – Sunflower still has a special place in my heart!
    Nonetheless, the film had two facts that are worth pointing out:
    1) The actors really looked like brothers which is astonishing. Congratulations to the artistic director and his team’s persistence against excessive baking-powder make-up (and all sort of cosmetic injections I guess), and
    2) LMH was given a role he could really deal with; nothing more, nothing less. The production designer, the director, the scriptwriter, his agent, KRW (above everyone else, imho), all of them worked hard for a decent film-debut of the trademark called “LMH” and that was a difficult task by all means. Chapeau..!


      • Gangnam Blues is LMH’s first film as a leading man. His last one was in 2008 and that’s before his BoF era. If he hadn’t come across that drama, he would have been just another tall, young actor in minor, forgettable roles as he used to. He looks fine and no feminine whatsoever but I don’t know how helpful this could be in K-ent unless he was Won Bin.
        On J-movie, I know the actor from another TV series (not Tantei no Tantei, it was another one with a really, really long title) and the film Space Battleship Yamato; the leading lady was in JIN, in both seasons, I think.


          • Poor, very, VERY, rich LMH, hahaha!!! You made my day… 😉

            JIN is the Jdorama from which the “famous” Dr. Jin was adapted from. Even Faith’s first plotline was similar to JIN’s, hence the Restraining Orders from the production teams against each other. We know who finally won at court but we don’t know the exact reason and what would have happened had things worked differently!


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