Currently Watching: She Was Pretty


Since Twenty Again ended, I decided to adopt another currently airing drama. She Was Pretty received many squee moments in my tlist and I don’t want to be left behind in this squee party as well! *grin* I started watching it on the day before I left for my work travel. At the time, I found it a meh… I wondered to myself why in the world I don’t feel the happiness as much as the rest? I was down but I gave it a go anyway and was able to catch up with the rest in between my jet lag night! Before I realized, I’m current in all episodes and seriously, I can’t wait to catch up on episode 13 and 14 now! Give me more!!!!!!


She Was Pretty follows a pretty predictable plots. Somewhat. He was short, chubby and nerdy. She was smart and beautiful. Due to his family circumstances, he moved to the States with his mom and she stayed behind with her family. He came back from the States years later and in hope to rekindle with his first love. But now the situation has reversed. He is tall and handsome. She is nerdy and unattractive. So I guess you can fill in the gap, right? No? Well, she decided to make her friend disguise as herself to meet him for the first time in years. She was embarrassed by her appearance. But it turns out, her friend continues to be her and falls for him. Meanwhile, she was assigned to work in a different department. Under him!!!! Dun dun dun!


Yeap, so now he got confused. The woman he is seeing claims to be his childhood sweetheart but whatever she did seems off. And the woman he’s working with is showing all the signs he’s been looking for. So what now? Well, you know you have to watch it! She Was Pretty is a pretty light romance drama that can drives you crazy! Why? It gives you the second lead syndrome! Oy… Things I heard can be pretty offensive. I won’t tell you what but let’s just say that the second lead male is more charismatic and lovable than the lead male. There you have it!


Would I recommend She Was Pretty? Absolutely! I’m in between heavy drama watch and She Was Pretty has been that drama I look forward to watch to lighten up my mood. The show is light, cute, funny, less dramatic and fun! I really don’t know what will I watch to replace She Was Pretty… tsk tsk tsk.



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