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Everyone is (or was) into Nirvana In Fire. I am too! I never expect that I’d like it so much. You know me and Chinese dramas. We don’t get along well… Especially with period drama. I can’t stand politics in period dramas. They are just too much to follow and can be very cruel. And for unexplained reason, I am so absorbed by this drama. No, I was not drawn to Hu Ge and Wang Kai. They are just icings on the cake. It’s the cake itself that drawn me into. I’m surprised how much I eat and breathe Nirvana In Fire lately. I wonder if I suddenly reached puberty for liking period Chinese dramas so much! *giggle* Someone should be proud of me! Pat me in the back, please!


As I am watching this drama (episode 42 now), I can’t helped but whispering “Wow, she is so good as the emperor’s consort” or “ Wow, this guy is too smart to be an advisor” several times. I really can’t explain Nirvana In Fire in details. Each situation can be dragged into several episodes. But each tangled situation is explained thoroughly, examined carefully, dissected piece by piece and laid out layer by layer. The characters are complex. The stories are well written and executed. The actors’ performances are convincing and outstanding. The background music is appropriate and fit with the scene. Everything about this drama is well planned. I have never seen a well-thought, well planned drama before. I’m blown away by how perfect this show is! This is rare!!!


Sadly, like most wuxia-based drama, Nirvana In Fire is 54 episodes long. Yeah, I screamed at myself for starting another long drama. On top of my dailies!!!! *screams* I was skeptical, to be honest. I actually started the first episode and give up 15 minutes immediately. I really thought I couldn’t handle the story. It was confusing. As soon as I came back from my work trip, I was determined to give Nirvana another try. And I have been hooked ever since. I could have finished it by now but I decided to drag it out a bit. The show is too good and I don’t want it to end!!!!


In a snapshot, Nirvana In Fire is another level of revenge drama. Mei Changsu is taking revenge after his dad was framed by his political rival. The whole story is circled around Mei Changsu and his scheme to take everyone down. His real name is Su Zhe but since everyone thought he died in the war with his dad, he assumed a different identity. Changsu, or Sir Su, is very smart. He could smell trouble from far. He formed Jiang Zuo alliance and became the leader. He came back to the capital and started taking side. One of the Princes, Xing Jingyan, is his best gate to enter the dynasty and through him, Su started channeling his propaganda to control Prince Jing and eventually make his way up to the government in search of the truth. Su is actually very sick. I’m not sure what kind of sickness he is in but he is not in a good shape.


Su and Prince Jing are good friends. But Su has agenda and he has no choice but to sacrifice his friendship to revenge on his father’s death. It is cruel. I know it is. But if you have to live, you have to do whatever it takes. But I’m not mad at these two, but I am mad at Prince Jing’s brother, the Crown Prince. He is aggressive and wanted the crown for his own good. He influenced his step mom into starting a useless investigation. From then, the show developed intensely. Listen… Right now, I rather be watching than blogging. The show is bloody good! Please watch it if you have the time. I’m curious how it will end. I don’t expect a happy ending. Su is gravely ill. The capital is in turmoil. The empress is corrupted by Crown Prince. Consort Jing, Jing’s beautiful mom, is extremely careful and as smart as Su. I wish she has the power to dig out more. Oy… I hope my understanding is right! You know how it is, the story is deep! Very deep!


Great, I’m blabbing again. Just watch it, people! This is one of the best dramas I have seen this year!! JUST WATCH IT!


10 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Nirvana In Fire

  1. I started this one too! I also generally don’t watch C-dramas, and I’m really surprised by this one! I’m only 6 eps in, though. FAR behind you! Still slightly confused over who’s who and what’s what, but it’s getting clearer! And, I’m pleasantly surprised at how much I’m starting to enjoy it! ^^


    • My friend told me that it continues to get better and better. And she also said that the drama is better than the novel! Yeah, I was confused and actually had to get help from my husband in mapping out who’s who. He saw Lang Ya Bang when it was aired so he rolled his eyes on me now lol. Enjoy it, kfangurl. But I warn ya, you can’t take your eyes off of it. I did and had to rewatch several scenes because I got lost. Plus my mandarin is terrible :S


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