Wednesday Eu-Mak: Let’s Soothe Ourselves…

Bigstock-22321633-Spa-still-life-with-bamboo-fountain-and-zen-stoneHappy Wednesday! Yes, I know…. I have been on hiatus for awhile. I lost my mood with blogging since I came back. And I also not feeling well so I’m trying to take better care of myself. Hence, you will see me less active in social media but I will keep up with blogging. I feel depressed that I can’t do it all but health comes first. Health always comes first, right? *wink*

So I’m not going to blab around like I always do. I have too many things in mind and I’d rather share these songs with you… I hope it’s not too sad for your Wednesday…

What a beautiful and emotional song…. I feel like crying *sad face*

For those who are not familiar with Lucia, please give her songs a hear. Recently, Rapmon (BTS) recommended Lucia to his Army and she is not receiving lots of love. She is an example of great solo singer *smile face*

Taken from the My First Time OST, this song has that 80s influence which I like…

Something different… Just to life  your mood. So be nice to me, y’all!

Whoa, Park Seo Joon is singing. Again (?). I’m not sure if I have heard him singing, I couod be hallucinating. But I really love this song… He’s not a great singer but hey, he tried. I like that he tried *wink*.

I hope the songs did not ruin your Wednesday… I really like it and I hope you do. Until then, take care!


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