Breaking News: Ai Shite Iru, Hong Gi!


If you know me, besides my love for MBLAQ GO’s and Roy Kim’s awesome, awesomesauce voice, my next favorite vocal is FT Island’s Lee Hong Gi. This boy really knows how to sing and he sings exceptionally well! And he just released his first solo album! What took you so long, kiddo???? The one I’m featuring today is his Japanese release of Monologue. The J album is called AM302 whereas K version is FM302. How unique!

This song touches my heart immediately! I love, love Monologue so much. Sure his voice comes out a bit strong that often time I found the music is drowning, but who am I kidding! Do I look like I care???? *evil cackle* Let’s stop complaining, and start enjoying it! This song needs more view on the YT page. C’mon, PrimaDonna…. Where are you at??? Support Lee Hong Gi! He needs you!


2 thoughts on “Breaking News: Ai Shite Iru, Hong Gi!

  1. Love him to pieces and his voice is one of my Fav in the industry ❤
    Indeed what took FNC too long to give him a solo album!! Anyway, I can't wait for 18/11 For the full album ^^
    I LOVE this song as well 🙂


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