Mini-Recap: Siren Episode 1


Hello!!!! Here’s my first attempt to do a mini recap for Siren. Alone. As much as I said mini, it is longer. This is the first episode recap and I feel that we need a thorough introduction of each scene and character. Wish me luck!


Siren started with a suspense scene! A man hanged a woman in a secluded alley. She struggled to breathe and tried to escape from the rope around her neck. “It’s okay to plead for your life” the killer said as he removed her black heels. And that was 4 days later…


Moving back to 4 days earlier, a long legged woman walked pass Satomi confidently while eyeing him in his drunken stage. Satomi felt embarrassed when he realized he has a skirt rather than his pants on! “She saw me” he said. Suddenly, as he trying to straighten himself, a man ran after the legged woman bumped into Satomi. “Kara-chan” he yelled.


Later on we get to see Satomi in action. He went from being a total drunk to total sober and before you knew, he’s chasing after three retards who were trying to rape a girl. Well, he looks very cool! And then we get to meet his live-in girlfriend. She looks fragile to be a detective. Yuki is her name. They both work in a same unit. Mobile Unit, that is.


First case: a dead hostess in a bar. They ruled her death as suicide based on zero disturbance, multiple sleeping pills, alcohol and disturbing text message found in the woman’s phone. It seems too easy to rule her death as suicide. Why would someone kills herself in a work place? Kara Chan showed up for questions. Satomi remembered her from the night before. The legged woman. I wonder what was he thinking. Beautiful? Potential suspect? But Kara locked her eyes on Yuki. Does she know her? And Satomi saw Kara stared at Yuki tentatively. He was curious. Yuki thought he is attracted to Kara. Satomi denied shyly.


Later we get to see Kara in action. Her colleagues claimed Kara is lame and she started to resemble the dead Kousaka-san. Hmmm I wonder why they said that… Kara seems cold. Is she harmless? Too soon to tell. As she walked home, she had flashbacks of the dead woman and Yuki. And she slowly said to herself… “Found you.” Hmmmm…..


Next, we get to meet with the Mobile Unit in action. Nothing fancy. Just another day of cops work in fighting crime. In this scene, we got to see Satomi saved the day again. This was the second case for this episode: theft work. All taken care of. But something odd happened. While Yuki and Satomi chatted in the car, Kara showed up out of blue. She was grinning from ear to ear. Her eyes remain focus on Yuki. Satomi saw that look again. Kara handed her card and asked Yuki for hers. Yuki played hard and told her she will be contacted instead. Yuki thought Kara is odd.


Third case: another dead body. The woman was strangled and her nude body was left in a housing alley. Her shoes was off. One of her socks is in her mouth. Satomi analyzed the dead body. He felt it is a serial killer case. Yuki reminded him that it is not their job to do so. Meanwhile, Kara stopped in the area police office and handed over a wallet she magically found. But she actually entered the office with a purpose. To find out where Yuki lives. Hmmmm what is her motive? Kara is sneaky and creepy chic. She also installed a detector underneath Satomi’s patrol car. Where did she get it in the first place? And why she needs to know of Satomi and Yuki’s whereabout? She even followed Satomi home and started to ransack mailboxes in one apartment. She found Watari’s address. She later ambushed Watari, and made initial contact. Who is Watari and what does she wants from him?


Watari took Kara back to his home. He thought she is cute and beautiful. He sympathized with her makeup excuse that she was kicked out from her apartment. She wanted him to take her in. Her purpose? Watari’s available room that is across from Yuki’s apartment. Bingo! We have something going on here! She is stalking them!!! Poor Watari, he is now officially her minion slave. Again, I have to ask. What is her motive? Who is Yuki to her?


While this going on, our attention was focused to a taxi driver. He seemed to be holding a grudge. Life is hard for him. He has too many problems. But something weird that makes me believe he is the killer. As he drives his car, he took out what seems to be a pair of clean, white socks and sniff it. Yeap, we have him! But guess who hailed his cab that night? Kara! So now we are back to our very first scene. Well, this taxi driver met his match. She tortured him as he did to his victims. Karma is sweet, Mr. Taxi Driver *giggle*


Kara spied on the couple while having dinner in a bar. In the middle of their chat, Satomi recognized a familiar scent. Kara was there and walked away. At home, while shower, she realized that Satomi is her hindrance. Looks like she has one goal: to get rid of Satori.


Impression on Siren #1:

I nearly gave this episode up. It was too long! An hour and 33 minutes long to be exact. I had no interest. Luckily, second time watching it I was able to focus and pick up the story better. On this episode, it was merely nothing but an introduction. The writer let us see how competent Satomi is, how gullible Yuki is, and how dangerous Kara is. There are many questions in my head. Who is Kara and what she wants from Yuki? So far, it has been a meh yet intriguing episode. Sure, I get to see Kara in action. She is definitely a killer. But why? Who is she working with? Many questions, so few answers. Let’s hope the next episode addresses some of my suspicion on Kara.


5 thoughts on “Mini-Recap: Siren Episode 1

  1. I forgot that first ep was actually a double one! That’s why we have to remind people to hang in there because a lot of info is coming at them and the second half of the drama really picks up! Mini-recap? This was a full one, dear! Good job!


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