Breaking News: Insensible


Insensible is out!!!!! Thanks Erl for sending the MV! I squeeeeeeeeed hard even though I’m  having a brutal day today. The song is so whooaaaaaa…. It is so divine that it gives me the chill. I could feel my hair was rising when hearing it for the first time. His vocal is just too awesome. That raspy voice…. I adore! I do! He is a true rock singer! I really hope to witness his magnificent vocal in person one day.


But hey, the MV tore me apart! Erl told me not to watch it but I ignored her. Now I realized I should have listen to her! *headdesk* Waeeeee Hong Ki, waeeeee? Or was it an illusion? Perhaps he was not cheating on her and she was just being paranoid? Aaaaah molla molla. Let’s not think about it. Let’s focus on the song instead coz we know the song is extremely good. I’m not trying to be bias here. It is THAT good! Come and join me with Insensible!


6 thoughts on “Breaking News: Insensible

  1. Mmm, I can’t say I did like the song as much as I wanted to but of course HongKi’s voice still never fail ^^
    And the video, I do like watching HongKi and PSY acting in general but here….I don’t know why their baby faces didn’t make me buy their adult roles as married couple in the video. May be the styling? 😦


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