Wednesday Eu-Mak: Going Chinese Again…


Nimen nihao! As you all know, I’ve been watching lots of Chinese dramas. Because of that, it is so fitting for me to post more Chinese songs, right? I selected these songs on random but the last one was not. I suddenly fell for G.E.M’s powerful voice that I decided to feature another of her song. I hope you don’t mind *wink*. Once I’m obsessed, I’ll listen to it again and again *giggle*. This is just me *smiles*.

Joyce Chen should be in a theater! Her voice is magnificent! And it’s been awhile since I last heard a Cantonese song! Thumbs up for Joyce, I hope she produce more songs like this one.

Too  bad there is no proper MV for this song… I could see a beautiful vid had they decide with one. Oh well…

Who does she reminds you of? Enya? Alanis Morisette? Mix of the two voices? Either way, I love her voice in this song.

Oh wow, her voice! I would like to hear more of her songs after hearing Away. I love Away!

And here’s another G.E.M’s song titled Blindspot. I think I’m in love with her voice… So ahmazing!

So how do you like the songs I selected today? Too much estrogen? Well, it can’t be helped. I’m pretty bias for my gender today hehehe. Hope you like them. See you next week! *fingers crossing*


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