Just Watched: Wonderful Nightmare


Ok, I finally saw a movie that is worth my time!!! Seriously, most Korean movies I’ve seen lately bore me to death. The plots were either incomplete, ridiculous or just lame. And most of the time, they love luring watchers with pretty men! Sure, but can they act? But Wonderful Nightmare is different! When Bel and Grace told me to watch it, I knew I could trust them. These two ladies are avid movie watchers. I have two eonnies that know what are they talking about!


Wonderful Nightmare was released back in August. I’ve heard of it from grapevine but never paid attention to it. I was extremely busy with real life and buckets after buckets of dramas. *shrugs* I have too many. Really. I’m a bit ashamed of myself now. But hey, this is not the time to feel down because Wonderful Nightmare is extremely wonderful and great! Please do not be fool by nightmare as it was not a nightmare at all. By the end of this movie, I was left with tears. Happy tears! I just could not believe the twisted ending…


Wonderful Nightmare told a story of a successful lawyer named Yeon Woo. One night, she had an accident that left her in coma. In her coma stage, he met an angel. He introduced himself as Director Kim. Kim sort of guided her coma life and offered her a second chance at living. But before going back to herself, she woke up as an ordinary housewife to Sung Hwan and a mother to Ha Neul and Ha Roo. Yeon Woo panicked. As a successful career woman, she is all about in control and this new life totally ruined her. She worked hard to adjust in this new life and it took her series of turning events to turn herself into loving the life she is in. But when Kim told her that her time is running out, she had a panicked moment. She grew attached to the kids and this made me sad. When she woke up, Sung Hwan and the kids are nowhere to be found. But later, she realized that what she needs is a change. So when she browsed her old photos, she discovered that Director Kim was her late dead! Oh my goodness, what a shocking! But the best news of all was that on her way to visit her dad’s site burial, she met up with Sung Hwan and the kids again! Yay!!!! *claps*


I think her late dad was secretly matchmaking his daughter *giggle*. At the same time, it sort of give Yeon Woo a reality check. She’s been focusing deeply into her career and neglecting her life. There are more to look forward to when you have a family. In the end, this movie did not only made me cry, it gives a true meaning that there are more to life than just going money and status. I highly recommend Wonderful Nightmare. It’s funny, smart, witty, passionate, with heart, and deep. I can see this as drama… A really good spin!



4 thoughts on “Just Watched: Wonderful Nightmare

  1. Can them Uhm sibling act or what?! I admit that it was Jung Hwa who first caught my attention way before little brother! It was funny! As I watched the movie, I kept saying to myself “Let me wake up one day to a husband looking like Song Seung Hun”! Yes, folks! I’d never want to wake up from that dream!! Very good movie! I’ll be rating it for December Movie Mondays!!! Great job!


  2. I just saw the movie for the first time. It’s a great movie, i liked it 🙂 it’s funny, sad, … The caracters are very lovely! 🙂 But… I didn’t understand the ending! =/ So I’m frustrated…


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