Mini-Recap: Siren Episode 4

Siren_(Japanese_Drama)-p1Moving on with Siren episode 4, it opens up with Kara pulling Tomi’s mask. Oooops, was his undercover blown now? *feeling nervous* So let’s continue! The episode started with Tomi recalling on why or how Kara’s medical record was missing from Tsukimoto’s office. Tomi and Yuki are on their way to the hospital. It turns out the unexpected victim, Maya, the one Kara thought she had killed is still alive! Tomi said his intuition says that Tsukimoto is not the culprit yet Yuki felt annoyed with his theory. But Tomi kept thinking that though he does not have a solid theory between Tsukimoto and Kara, he certainly feel they are connected.


Watari is feeling giddy and starting to share with Kara that he has a deserted villa. He invited Kara to go with him and clearly, though she did not agree, her smiles say it all. Tomi continues with his investigation. He rang the doorball to an apartment and it turned out, Ai and Rena occupy the space! Tomi avoided them immediately but too late, he is too recognizable! The twins were thrilled and felt that he’s cooler that he was on undercover duty at the time they met. He asked about the missing Dr. Tsukimoto. The girls told him that it is strange that he took Maya in. She is not Tsukimoto’s type. He asked them if they know Kara and both of them said no.

sirenWatari seems excited when driving to his villa with Kara. He is truly an old virgin. He nervously asks too many questions and all Kara did was smiling back at him. Tomi went back to see Maya but she remains in coma. He asks her doctor what can he do to speed her recovery up. The doctor said that when Maya was admitted, she mumbled something. Anxious, Tomi quickly beg the doctor to remember it. “Anything is fine. A breakthrough.” he thought to himself.

FotorCreatedsirenThe villa was secluded and far from the main street. Kara thought the place could be useful for her mission. Watari seems anxious while showing the place around. It turns out he wanted to propose to her. Right when he was about to pop the question with an engagement ring, Kara was already on her way down to check the basement. Oooops! Meanwhile, Tomi forgot his happy hour date with Yuki. He made plan with Maya’s doctor, Kuramoto-san, instead. Yuki simply warned him to get home sober. It turns out Hayami was listening to her conversation. He teases her of having a boyfriend. He made a wild guess. “Your partner is… Satomi?” He warned her that Chief Ando does not like office affairs.

sirensiren2What meant to be a dinner to dig info on Maya, Tomi and Maya’s doctor started socializing instead. She’s half drunk and sigh that he’s 7 years younger than her. Tomi tried to get her back into the tangent by asking to remember what Maya had said. Sadly, she is too drunk and Tomi ends up nowhere with his mission. Watari and Kara are back to their apartment and he ponder on the perfect time to pop the question. But instead, he asked for her parent’s being. Upon hearing her sad parent story, he felt truly responsible for her life and proposed to her immediately. Kara did not say a word and Watari asked her to take her time. Will she consider his proposal? But wait, Kara said she will consider him and the poor man was stunned by her answer! She told him not to announce anything yet. Oh yeah, we know where this is heading, right?

sirensiren3Back with Tomi, he is at a dead end with Maya’s doctor. She asks on his personal life and starts rubbing her hands against his. Poor Tomi. He was harassed by the twins and now this. But as always, Yuki calls him and he is saved by another potential harassment. Does she have a six sense or something? Tomi decided to take the doctor to dinner instead. She got sober immediately and recalled what Maya said. “I won’t tell anyone but HELP ME.” Tomi asked for more clarification and got an incomplete name. Maya said “something-san” and he quickly eliminate Tsukimoto as the girls refer him as sensei. *rubs chin* could it be Kara-san? And back in Watari’s apartment, he passed out on his couch with a glass in hand. Did Kara drug him or something? He passed out right away. She took his car keys from his jacket and drove herself back to her old apartment. She dragged a heavy luggage out. What’s in it? Don’t tell me… Is it? IS IT??????

siren4Yuki started to suspect Tomi. She found a strand of hair on his suit and she could smell perfume scent too. Tomi presented his findings but his chief was not happy. He wants Tsukimoto to be captured. Kara came back to her apartment and Watari still sounds asleep on the couch. She started reading the newspaper she took from the mailbox. What’s on the news article that made Chitose alerted Tomi immediately? In the hospital, he warned the nurses to be careful with any visitors visiting Maya. As he heading out, he passed a woman and recognized her scent. He quickly stopped her and asked whether she is Kara. And that… she is! She is totally unrecognizable! Tomi asked whether she is there to visit. He then said that he can still recognize her. Kara got pissed.

sirensiren2Tomi thinks Kara is in trouble for disguising herself in a public. So he decided to follow her again. Sadly, she caught him this time. He is determined to find her hideout but she managed to elude from him. Kara told Yuki she is being followed. She showed Yuki pictures of Tomi. Yuki was stunned but tried to act cool. Kara got confused when Yuki laughed her ass out suddenly. Yuki tried to cover Tomi up and said he did it to protect her. Yuki praised Kara’s attentive skill. But deep down, Yuki is starting to doubt Tomi. Is he cheating on her? She is worried. More worried when Kara said “I thought he likes me.”

sirenAnd the last bomb of the day! Tomi follows Kara again. Kara led him to a new cosmetic clinic. She then led him to a hotel. She took the elevator and went to floor 25. Tomi waited for the elevator so he can follow her. As soon as he walks in, Kara said “hello there”. He is caught! What’s more disturbing, Kara notified Yuki to meet her in the same hotel! So Yuki saw everything! And Kara wiped her lips just to give impression to Yuki that they kissed. So now Yuki thinks he IS cheating on her!!!


Impressions on Episode 4:

Where is Siren taking us next? How far will Tomi go into digging Kara’s secret? What happens to Watari? Did he wake up? I’m pumped up for the next episode! I need to know everything and how Tomi explains himself to Yuki. Will their relationship end? I’m nervous for them especially with Yuki. She is simply fragile and clueless!



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