Mini-Recap: Siren Episode 5

Siren_(Japanese_Drama)-p1Oh goodness gracious, who’s dead body is that? Watari??? Wait, it was discovered by the young Satomi-kun! Looks like we are revisiting an old case on this episode. Frankly, I fear for the old virgin life. The red flags were everywhere yet he’s totally blinded by Kara’s presence. Did it not occur to him why she decided to stay with him? Does he not get it that she is using him? *sigh* I would question her if I were him. Ok kids, let’s watch Siren episode 5!

sirenThe ending from the episode 4 left me feeling nervous and cringing for Tomi’s dear life! Kara just framed him just by wiping her lips in front of Kara! That is one great weapon she just used and it adds tension between the couple! Kara warned him not to follow her again. This is interesting. She followed him and he followed her. What would she do next? And what would Tomi do now? Yuki decided to stay over at her family home. She ignored his call. Her dad senses something is up between her and her boyfriend. Tomi is sadden by the incident. Why is he has to be blamed by it? I wonder it, too.sirenThe next day, Tomi was relieved to see Yuki in the office. She greeted him coldly. Chinose-san noticed Yuki’s behavior. Yuki was called by her Chief to a private room. Meanwhile, Tomi received a call from the hospital. Maya is currently receiving a visitor. Back to Yuki, Chief offered Yuki a space in First Division unit. She was happy for a minute but recalled Tomi’s marriage proposal. “If one of us gets into First Division, let’s get married.” With that, Yuki said she will consider. Someone told Hayami what he heard. And Hayami is backed to sabotage her. Meanwhile, Tomi is moving as quickly as he could to the hospital. It turns out, the twin is there for a visit!sirensirenYuki came out from her meeting with Chief feeling pathetic. Chinose calls on to her for one-on-one time. Tomi decided to use the twins to get more info on Kara. Tomi expresses his difficulty in finding information on Kara, including her address. The twins split up. Rena investigates Kara at the club and Ai investigates through an old acquaintance. Ai successfully dig out Kara’s address. Yuki and Chinose chats after their judo practice. Yuki tells her that Tomi is cheating but Chinose thinks otherwise. Meanwhile, Hayami went to see Kara. He wants to know if she’s Yuki’s informer. It seems that he’s trying hard to sabotage Yuki’s entry to First Division. Try harder, shorty coz Kara is not spitting a single word! *evil cackle*

sirenChinose speculated that Yuki doesn’t know Tomi well enough so she decided to look into Tomi’s old case. And this is the dead man we saw on early episode. The suspect was stabbed to death. It was brutal. Yuki read Tomi’s thorough report. His report showed Tomi’s passionate towards his job. He was too passionate that he ended passing out on the job! *laughs* That night, Ai and Tomi trespassed Kara’s apartment. Tomi had a vision in mind what a killer’s apartment would look like. But Kara’s place was completely different. He was shocked how lifeless her apartment is. In there, he found a box of medicine tablets, fake handcuffs and a book on “criminal investigation questions 101.” Tomi sighed on his predictable moves. sirensirenFotorCreatedYuki decided to investigate on one of Tomi old cases. The victim was Tooru. She asked the bar owner on what clue she may know. Tooru told the owner that he has a girlfriend. Hmmm, who was his girlfriend? Meanwhile, Rena was called to entertain one of Kara’s guests. She took the opportunity to get to know Kara more and found out that she may had a boyfriend. But her boyfriend is dead! Are you connecting the dots now? Me too! At Watari’s home, he’s prepping his bed and himself. He wants to sleep with Kara. Will Kara agree? sirensiren2Chief Ando met up with Yuki’s dad and told him about the First Division offer. They were both surprised by her reaction. Ando asks if her dad knows her reason for not jumping into it. Kara went back to her old apartment and started noticing something off. The lock to her apartment was turned differently. The curtain to her sleeping was wider than usual. She immediately thought of Tomi. Concurrently, Tomi and twins started discussing the findings together. He immediately associates the boyfriend with Tooru. Tomi thinks Kara may have harass him because he was the first person to arrive at Tooru’s murder scene. “Is it to seek revenge against the incompetent cops?” he thought. He received the call from laboratory. The medicine found from Kara’s place was painkiller. And then he thinks Kara must have another place to sleep in.

sirenKara was mad that Tomi broke into her apartment. She now broke in to his apartment. I wonder what she would do in there. Yuki visited Tomi’s home and met up with his dad. From her visit, Yuki discovered a picture of Tooru with someone. And that someone is Kara! Yuki walked away determine to find Tooru’s murderer. And Tomi thought Tooru’s death has to do with liquor store’s owner. Yuki went back to Tomi’s apartment to discuss her finding. Yuki suggests that they should ask Kara but Tomi pushes that idea away. Yuki baffled at his idea. She asks numerous questions including where is his source from. They ended up in an argument. He said he was harassed by Kara and she accused him of kissing Kara. She begged him to include her in his strategy. Kara heard all their conversation through the device she installed in Tomi’s home. Wow, this is going to get worse. Yuki packs her bags and leave.


Impressions on Episode 5:

Wow, we have some development but not all. We now know Kara was closed with someone. And Tomi’s discovery really helps but still a dead end. So how episode 6 will be? In my opinion, Kara will use Watari as her time bomb. She will harvest him into loving her dearly and since he will protect her, he will do anything ANYTHING to protect her. That, includes killing anyone that tries to harm Kara. Whoa, be careful there, Tomi! And I believe this it is the end for Tomi and Yuki’s relationship! *shrugs* too bad…




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