Mini-Recap: Siren Episode 6

Siren_(Japanese_Drama)-p1What is happening? Why is Tomi attacking Kara? Wow, this is not Tomi!!!! Not him at all! What is going on? Hello, Siren fans! We are back with episode 6! Are you ready for another suspense episode? This episode started with Tomi greeted his morning greets to his colleagues. He asked for Yuki but apparently she has left on an assignment. With another colleague! Tomi was stunned since Yuki is his partner. An apprentice introduced himself as his new partner. The scene then transported us to Kara boxing with her trainer. While in training, her mind wouldn’t stop thinking on Tomi’s discovery of her apartment. She warned herself to speed her next move up or risk getting caught by Tomi!sirenTomi’s new apprentice is very talkative, and a bit clumsy. I’m not sure if he would pass his apprenticeship. Rena-chan, one of the twins, was assigned to work as Kara’s assistance that night. Maikawa-san, the client, told Kara that he and Rena discussed Kara’s old rumors on the night she left early from work. Yikes, Kara started feeling suspicious but her quick mind told Rena that she and Maikawa have known each other for the past 8 years. Back in the office, Tomi searched for Yuki again. Yuki had left the office again. His apprentice teased him that Yuki is avoiding him. Chitose jokingly asked whether the two of them fought. Hayami saved Tomi by pulling him out for a chat. Chitose was curious by Hayami and the apprentice thought Hayami is up to something again. And I feel uneasy. Hayami looks devilish!siren.jpgHayami asked whether Tomi’s pride is hurt since Yuki was offered a spot in the First Division unit. Hayami was surprised when Tomi said he doesn’t know the news at all. Tomi left immediately and approached Chief Ando directly. Ando told him she hasn’t given her words. Tomi was surprised. Did she delay her admission because of him? Because of his marriage proposal? Anyway, Ando asked Tomi to train the apprentice well. Satomi called Yuki but she dropped his call. Her dad asked why hasn’t she accepted her new post. She told him that she has an unfinished business to settle. “Is it about Satomi?” She nodded.sirensirenKara asked Rena to go home together. Rena quickly texted Ai, her twins before leaving. Kara asked whether Maikawa told Rena about her ex-boyfriend. Kara said her ex was murdered and she has lost hope on the police force. Rena promised Kara that she would keep it a secret. Errrr… but Tomi and Ai already know about it! On her way home, Rena calls Tomi and asks to meet her the next night. Tomi was surprised when Rena said she had a chat with Kara. Tomi tried calling Yuki again. No answer. He left a voicemail. Kara heard it. She started planting Watari into her scheme to sabotage Tomi. She told him that she’s been stalked. She shared pictures of Tomi in disguise. Watari felt a pang on his face! “Ikemen,” he yelled in his head (ikemen is a term for young and hot Japanese men). Tomi is seriously f*cked. Watari sees Kara as his fiancee. He will do anything to stop Tomi now. He reported immediately to the police. Chitose took his report and he claimed that the stalker is one of her colleagues. Fortunately, Watari did not know Tomi’s name.sirenKara shared her murdered ex-boyfriend story with Yuki. She did it all to get Yuki’s sympathy and she got it. Kara asked Yuki whether she knows the progress of the murder investigation. Out of nowhere, Kara mentioned Yuki’s sense of justice will help her in solving the case. She hopes Yuki can solve the case. She invited Yuki to her villa where she keeps her investigation documents on her ex’s murder case. I don’t feel good about this. Yuki seemed easy to agree to Kara’s request. Meanwhile, while buying drinks in a convenient store, Watari recognized Kara’s stalker. He followed Tomi and took pictures of Tomi with the twin. Tomi spotted him and asked Watari his reason for taking his picture. Watari sped. Tomi wondered “can he be Tachibana Kara’s friend?” Kara saw the pic and recognized Rena but Ai’s side was blurred.sirensirensiren.jpgYuki met up with Tomi for dinner at izakaya. Tomi said he heard her good news. Yuki said it is not confirmed. Tomi suggested that they should get a ring. Yuki was surprised. Tomi asked did she delay her acceptance because of his marriage proposal. Before she could answer, Tomi’s phone rang. It was Rena. He didn’t answer it. Yuki doubted him immediately and they started quarreling. “You don’t see anything at all,” Tomi explained. Yuki was stunned. A smile drawn on Kara’s face. She’s been listening to their conversation. Bingo, she has her next move. Yuki left abruptly. Tomi received a text from Rena to meet her in a hotel room. Kara has Rena’s phone by the way. Uh oh, it looks like a trap! Hayami received a text as well. His face tells me that he has found a treasure! Tomi took a taxi and headed to the hotel. Yuki followed him from behind. Oh geez, a disaster is about to happen!sirenTomi went to the hotel room. He rang the door bell but no answer. The door was unlocked. He asked for a permission to come in from Rena. Rena was nowhere to be found. He looked around and suddenly was attacked from behind. He fought back. It was Kara. Before he knew, Kara tore her blouse, slapped herself hard to bleed and lured Tomi into attacking her. When he’s on top of her to figure out her reason for doing so, she screamed for help. Sure enough, Hayami arrived in the room. Yuki did, too. Kara immediately seek for protection from Yuki. Tomi was arrested. Wow! Great play, Kara!sirensirenTomi was pissed. Hayami explained to Chief Ando that Tomi’s phone was missing. Same goes with Rena’s. Ando thought it is very childish with the missing evidence. Seeing that Ando dismissed Tomi’s case, Hayami immediately told Ando that Tomi and Yuki are seeing each other. Ando was displeased to hear it. Yuki apologized to Kara and Kara said she doesn’t want to press charge Tomi. Kara said the incident was scary and wanted to get some rest in her villa. She urged Yuki to join her and asked her to keep the location to herself. Yuki seemed helpless and tired from dealing with Tomi’s attack. Yuki told Tomi they are over.sirensirenYuki went back to her family home and told her dad that she is accepting the post. Back in Tomi’s home, Tomi is pissed. He vowed to reveal Kara’s identity. He said it out loud though. Kara was staring at his apartment from her window. Did she hear him? Tomi and the twins both discussed the incident. Tomi concluded that his and Rena’s phones were stolen and used to blackmail him. Tomi asked Rena to introduce him to Maikawa-san. The meeting was not as hopeful as Tomi had hoped for. But Maikawa-san said that Kara had a change in her facial expression when Sakae Nishi High School was the topic of one of their conversations. Maikawa wondered if that is Kara’s school.sirenFotorCreatedYuki left the city to go to Kara’s villa. Kara was totally unrecognizable. She dressed up like a man. They both walked to the villa. The villa is Watari’s but he is nowhere to be found. Where is he? Is he…..? Tomi, on the other hand, made his way to Sakae Nishi High School. Would he find what he’s looking for? Yuki felt a different energy when she entered the villa. She sensed that someone was living in the house but Kara teased her with her “justice sensor kicking in.” Suddenly, Kara pointed something underneath the spiral stairs and Yuki immediately bend down to see it. The moment she did, Kara took a golf club and swung onto Yuki’s head. Yuki collapsed immediately.

Impressions on Episode 6:

This episode is rather slow in the beginning. I was bored, especially with Yuki and Tomi’s scene. I’m so over with Yuki, to be honest. For a detective, her investigative radar is definitely off! Tomi is completely furious and Kara really played him well. By the end of it, I was all perked up again! I am dying to see the next episode. Would we know Kara’s motives? Would Tomi discover something useful for our case? I’m excited! As for Yuki, ha ha ha… Serves you right for doubting Tomi!






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