Wednesday Eu-Mak: Are You Royal Enough?

royalHello and happy Wednesday! Quick question, do you know Royal Pirates? I don’t either!!!! But this new discovery is making me so happpppppy!!! Apparently, they are Korean-American rock band debuted in 2013! How can I not know???? *covers face* I’m so ashamed of myself! And I call myself a music avid! Blehhhhh, I am pathetic! Royal Pirates is a great discovery! And I’m a fan!!! Lately, my love for Korean Pop Rock is growing! Take a listen to this new released song called Run Away.

How was it? It is refreshing, right? I’m so pumped! Run Away is a total change from my usual kpop songs. I really loving this song! And now I’m so curious with their other songs. So here, check Drawing The Line out! These guys are really awesome!!!

Yeah? Yeah? Are you in love already? It’s toxic, right? Allow me to make you fall in love with them more! Love Toxic it is!!! Totally awesomesauce! Wah, I can’t say it enough!

Lastly, let’s just Shout Out to the world! Seriously, let’s just do it! You’re the best, Royal Pirates!


Wow, this band is so underrated! They need more exposure! It’s time to rock! Please spread the word to the world!!!



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