Just Watched: Don’t Worry, I’m A Ghost

Don't_Worry,_I'm_a_Ghost-p1Yeah, I got bored all of a sudden. It’s not that I have nothing to watch but… I just lost my mood. *sigh* My internet always slowed down around Sunday prime time and it forces me to give up on my watch. Stupid internet. So to kill time while doing house chores, I decided to keep my mind occupied with Don’t Worry, I’m A Ghost. It’s a one-episode special drama by KBS that was aired back in 2012. I’ve heard of this drama before but never had the opportunity to look for it. When it pops up on my Viki dashboard, I guess it’s a sign that I must watch it.

Don't_Worry,_I'm_a_Ghost-02Don’t get turn off by the title. It’s just a ghost, and it was not a scary one. If I can be a ghost, I want it to be pretty like her. The story is pretty simple. Yeon Hwa is a lovely ghost. She was stabbed to death at her home. On the same night she lost her life, Moon Ki had an accident and suffered a temporary concussion. As a result of that, he had temporary memory loss and started seeing Yeon Hwa. They both wondered what happened to them. She wanted to know how and why she died, he wanted to know his background, and together they did their little investigation. The ending to this drama was really unexpected. I did not see it coming. Together, they figured out that he accidentally stabbed her to death in the midst of stopping his friend from robbing Yeon Hwa’s home!

Don't_Worry,_I'm_a_Ghost-01The drama was short. I mean it was only an hour long. The story was simple and short, and all the questions were answered in the end. But was I satisfied? To me, it was too lovey dovey. The acting by the OTP was weak to me. But who doesn’t like Park Shin Hye, right? But I think, if you are looking for something light to watch, look no further. Don’t Worry, I’m A Ghost is just a click away. You can also catch it on KBS’s YouTube Channel.


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