Currently Watching: Love Me If You Dare

lmiydAm I on a roll or what? It’s another Chinese drama!!! Wow, I can’t believe this! Looks like I’m giving more and more love toward Chinese dramas. Surprisingly, they are getting better. The plots are organized, the actors are capable, the scenes are interesting and the whole drama is executed better than kdramas (mostly). Sure, dramas can’t run away from ridiculous, crazy and unanswered story plots. What is drama without crazy plots, right? Same with Love Me If You Dare. I’ve seen fans complaining why it was written like this and why is that part left hanging? I admit, this drama has it flaws. I started reading the translated novel, thanks to Erl. I like the novel better. The story is more robust and girly. But still, I do like the drama as well. It’s adapted in a mature angle. The writer cut the drama shorter, as all adaption novel dramas would. I don’t like to put higher expectation so I AM really content with Love Me If You Dare – the drama, that is *smile*. The novel? I.LOVE.IT!!!!005RVNmyjw1eu78kyfjopj32ur1viqf3This drama introduced me to Wallace Huo for the first time. It was an immediate love from me. From his swagger hair (I really want to run my fingers on his perfectly combed hair) to his cold (yet handsome) face, Wallace as Simon Bo Jin Yan gives this persona that I desire in a man. Wait, I already have one! *giggle* but it’s okay to have another one, right? Because *shakes head* I have never seen myself attracted to a character this strong since Kim Nam Gil’s role as Shim Gun Wook in Bad Guy. Yeap, Simon is my next favorite persona. And I’m keeping him!11-27-46-22-16So what Love Me If You Dare is? It’s a suspense crime drama, yet it carries some comedy and romance elements in it. As I’m watching episode 16 (out of 24 episodes), and trying hard to separate myself from the novel, I found the drama to be so much more. Every time I completed an episode, I beg for more. Some of the cases in this drama can be so cheesy and ridiculous. I mean, why would a brilliant criminal psychologist take up such minuscule, juvenile cases that fits for young detectives? Aha, but there is a reason for that! You wanna know? Jian Yao. Yeap, all for her. Okay, to start… Bo Jin Yan is a brilliant criminal psychologist. He came home from abroad (apparently he was the Associate Professor in the University of Maryland – that’s 15 minutes drive from my home!) to work for the Chinese police department as an adviser and criminologist.11-28-03-19-1617-27-19-95-16Through his good friend Fu Zi Yu, Bo Jin Yan hired Jian Yao, an English major student and a recent grad, as his assistant. Bo Jin Yan is a cold, cold man. He has high IQ but lvery ow EQ. He channels all his intelligent on his work but when comes to socializing, he has none to offer. He is terrible at it. His rough edges are as blunt as a hammer! As he work closer with Jian Yao, he started to fall for her. Jian Yao is attracted to him but his cold personality turn her off. At first, Simon hired Jian Yao as his temporary assistant but after working on two cases together, and knowing that he’s losing her to a well-paid job in a company owned by his sister, Simon quickly butter up Jian Yao to work for him instead. It was not easy, but Yaoyao finally agreed to work under him.

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The romance between Bo Jin Yan and Jian Yao move in an interesting manner. The tug and pull game between them is so cute! I really adore Jian Yao. And Bo Jin Yan, well…. as a man with low EQ, he’s utterly cute! There are several things you want to pay attention when you starts watching Love Me If You Dare – these are the questions I have been asking myself despite the novel. Why did Simon come home in the first place? Who is the Flower Cannibal?  What does he sees in Jian Yao, other than romantically attracted to him?

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Overall, Love Me If You Dare is an absolutely a MUST watch drama. Sure, it can be dark sometimes but the humor eases out. Even my husband enjoys IT! And for me, really, I’m watching for Simon and his quirky romance *giggle*.1448589328_703656639_w570_t


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