Mini-Recap: Siren Episode 7

Siren_(Japanese_Drama)-p1Whoa, a flying Tomi? Oh my gosh, and he landed on his head! What is going on here??? Will he be okay? He can’t be dead, can he? Are we ready for Siren’s latest episode? Let’s see how Yuki’s foolishness (see episode 6) will get her out of her own mess.captionYuki woke up and found herself tied to a chair in a secluded room. She wondered what had happened to her. She tried to free herself by slamming the chair to the wall but failed. She thought Kara was caught too and bound to a chair in a different room. Suddenly, Kara entered the room looking very polished from head to toe. Yuki’s eyes widen. Like any other cops, she questioned Kara – on who’s order Kara is acting with? Kara laughed and felt happy that her plan is going as planned. She took out a syringe and injected to Yuki’s arm. Yuki fainted. Meanwhile, Tomi performed his investigation on Kara at her school. He found that Kara is turning 30 years old this year, and he realized that so is Yuki. As he flipped over into the yearbook, he recognized Kara. He started remembering when Yuki told him that Kara have had a cosmetic surgery. “Did she lie about doing cosmetic surgery?” asked Tomi because Kara still looks the same. Like a good detective, Tomi requested a copy of Kara’s photo and or her home address. FotorCreatedYuki woke up to Kara applying makeup on her face. What a funny scene! Kara even dressed Yuki in a fake police uniform *giggle*. Yuki yelled at Kara that she’ll be caught for kidnapping and hurting her. Kara ignored her and started strangling Yuki. Yuki told herself she needs to escape. Kara acted crazy. She seemed happy that Yuki is weak. Yuki realized that Tomi was right all along and she regretted for not listening to him. Tomi visited Kara’s home. A grandma passed him and he started asking her for information. She complimented Kara’s beauty. She remembered that Kara always with her two friends. He asked whether they are on friendship or lover terms? And wondered if the grandma knows the girls well.captionYuki woke up again by the smell of rice gruel. She is now dressed in a flowery dress. Kara started reciting Yuki’s life history. Yuki grew up in a loving home, with decent parents, no financial issues, raised in great environment and rewarded with a beautiful face. Yuki found her opportunity and attacked Kara. But Kara was quick to kick her back. Kara said that the dress Yuki’s wearing belonged to Nohana. Kara confessed to Yuki that Nohana is not her only victims. Five death in her hands, Yuki was shocked. She tried to remember all the victims and her conversations she had with Kara and Tomi. Yuki concluded that Kara is abnormal aka crazy while Kara smiling while drilling a hole in a concrete wall. Yuki begged Kara to stop her act.FotorCreatedTomi extended his investigation by searching for Kara’s friends. A passerby shouted at Tomi that the owner of the house has moved to a nursing home. The owner’s daughter, Sachi, left the house but was directed to ask the neighbor, Yoshiko, that went to the same school as Kara. She told him that the girls seem to be distance themselves from the rest of the students and always hang out by Kamemi bridge that is not far from the home. Back to Kara, she started to torture Yuki. And Yuki believed that she will end up dead on Kara’s hand. She looked down but quickly remembers her dad’s word “You shouldn’t face downward, look up!” Yuki started replaying her conversation with Kara. “Why do you kill?” asked Yuki. Yuki claimed that her curiosity is a cop’s habit. And she continued to ask if Kara killed the liquor store boy. Yuki seemed to provoke Kara deeper and she started stabbing Yuki’s right thigh and shoulder. Kara remembered the scene vividly. Yuki inquired over the death of the cabaret manager and Kara admitted to it. But Kara said the death of the girls were necessary to get herself closer to Yuki. She also confessed to Tsukimoto’s death. Kara said that Yuki is her last victim.captionYuki’s constant provoke had caused herself receiving more stabbing from Kara. But Kara didn’t show any remotely care of killing her victims. Her first victim? Her dad! Kara remembered that she was not able to sleep on the night of the murder. The sense of euphoria flowed into her as she rejoiced on her first victory. At the same time she remembers the story, Tomi visited the bridge where the girls played before. The bridge is the place where Kara pushed her dad to death. Tomi remembered from his conversation with Yoshiko. She said Kara looks a tiny different. Hmmm, how different? Tomi’s phone rang and Ai, one of the twins, said Rena has not answered her phone. And then Yuki’s mom called. She said she is worried but Tomi said he thought she and Yuki were away on hot spring trip. Tomi wondered what happened to Rena and Yuki. caption2Yuki attempted another attack by biting Kara in the hand but received a kick to her tummy. Tomi rushed to Yuki’s dorm and the dorm person informed him she’s not in her room. He rushed to the precinct but due to his incident with Kara in the previous episode, he was immediately kicked out. Tomi decided to meet Kara at her workplace. Kara greeted him coldly, as she always would. Kara asked why is he meeting her after the incident. Tomi demanded for Yuki’s whereabout but Kara claimed that Yuki has been busy preparing to enter the First Division that she too feels neglected. Kara received a request to entertain another table so she excused herself. As she left, Tomi asked whether she knows Towada Sachi. She looked over her shoulder, told him no and walked away with revenge on her face. Tomi is officially on her sh*t list.captionBack in the precinct, everyone started to look for Yuki. They started to believe Tomi was right all along! D’oh! Tomi stopped by her home and her parents were surprised. Her dad though that she left because of their broken relationship. Tomi described that Yuki is not the type to leave without a word. Tomi explained that Yuki has been digging on old cases. He and Yuki’s dad agreed to exchange words if either one heard anything on her. Back to Kara, she started talking to another female boxer in the boxing club. The girl complimented her strength and wished to be like her. But I think she meant she wanted to be as good as Kara but Kara interpreted it as to be like her (personality wise or of some sort). While wandering, Tomi saw Watari and started chasing him. He overhead Watari’s conversation on stalking issue and he immediately followed him. Tomi rang Watari’s apartment. He introduced to Tomi as Kara’s fiance. Tomi said he is investigating on Kara and Watari got furious. “There is no way Kara is involved in that case,” he screamed. Tomi realized that Watari is completely brainwashed. Before walking away, he warned Watari to be cautious.caption3Tomi left and started looking around the neighborhood. He realized that his apartment is completely visible from Watari’s. Watari reported to Kara on Tomi. Kara started making up stories to Watari and the poor man believe her. It seemed that Watari is now riled up and ready to make his moves on Tomi. Yuki woke up and saw Rena. Kara introduced Rena as Tomi’s cheating partner. Yuki lost her strength to fight and Rena is too weak to fight. Yuki yelled to Kara to leave Rena alone but Kara started to point the knife to Rena. When Kara about to stab Rena from the head, Yuki screamed for her to stop.captioncaption2Tomi walked away from his neighborhood and planed to start following Kara again. As he nearing to the neighborhood stairs, he received a call from Yuki’s dorm. The caller said that Yuki received a parcel from and to herself. Right when he’s about to make a move to her dorm, Watari attacked Tomi from behind (back to the first scene). Watari left the scene hurriedly, and screamed “Kara-chan! I did it! Now we can get married!” Back to Yuki, she regreted for not listening to Tomi. Suddenly, she heard footsteps. Kara is not alone. Tsukimoto is there! He is alive! Or is he?captioncaption2Impressions on Episode 7: 

Oh my goodness, so many developments on this episode. AND so many loopholes, too!!! I was frustrated a bit! First, Tomi should have went back to school and search how Sachi looks like. Secondly, why didn’t he say anything more to Yuki’s dad other than his broken relationship? Three, when he met with Kara, did he not notice the wrap around Kara’s right hand? Fourth, why Rena was not tied to her chair like Yuki? And why didn’t she run away and get help? And sixth, didn’t we see Kara choking on Tsukimoto? Whoa whoa, I’m going nuts by this episode. Too many things to swallow! And the scene when Kara activated Watari was awesome. Just like that, she built a killing machine!

So what do we expect on episode 8? I hope Watari is caught. But I also want to know how Tsukimoto is still alive. But most of all, I hope Tomi is fine! Oh my, he took a hard stumble! Please, I hope he still have his conscious mind!


One thought on “Mini-Recap: Siren Episode 7

  1. Every stab, I said to myself “SEE, YOU SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO TOMI!!!” Okay, enough about stupid! Boy, I was worried about Tomi! He really seemed like a lone ship on the ocean surrounded by tuna! No one was taking him serious about Kara! Not a single one!! It’s really sad that he was working in that precinct for more than 6 years and no one thought he was innocent! What was worse was his girl friend of 4 years not believing him!


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