Wednesday Eu-Mak: Excuse Me?


Yeah, please excuse me as my eu mak’s post is short today. I’ve been having migraine since Monday night and I am dying from this endless headache. Could someone pass me a hammer coz I need to hit my head with that. And Excuse Me has been spinning in my head all week long so it is so fitting to feature this song today. Excuse Me? Yeah, please excuse me. And speaking of, do you know Moon Myung Jin? Wo ye bu zhe dao but apparently he was on Immortal Songs 2. And look him, my first impression was that he looks more like a rapper than a ballad singer! Oy Myung Jin-ssi, where did you get that soul voice? It is so yummmay!

In the beginning, I thought Excuse Me was my first encounter to Myung Jin-ssi. It turns out I’m wrong!!! I’ve heard him before. Check One Person, a melo-ballad he did for Mask!

And before that, he did Unspeakable Secret for Kill Me, Heal Me. Oy, he must be the next rising ballad star!

Okay, though I said it will be short, I still can’t help but sharing one last vid with y’all. This ballad is called Listen and you when you do listen to it, you will fall for his voice more and more. His looks is really deceiving. His voice is sweet as fudge! His voice is so smooth and velvet-y he put me to a puddle of sweet caramel goo. Wow! What a spectacular singer.




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