Wednesday Eu-Mak: Yoon Mi-Rae Kills It!

tumblr_ng8xepTn671rm7fruo1_1280Are you ready to be slayed by Yoon Mirae?  This Love is so majestic and grand, it may well brings you into tears. I weep like mad (okay I exaggerated a bit but you get the idea) on the first note of this song, and the minute she started singing, she literally sent me to my 7th heaven! Yeap, she is that good! Take a listen!

Yoon Mi-Rae aka Tasha Reid aka Mrs. Tiger JK kills  it! She is so awesome, right? She recently sang for the Who Are You: School 2015 OST and I swear to God, how this woman can be so perfect? Vocally magnificent that I just can’t… Really I can’t!

How about Touch Love from The Master’s Sun OST? Ooooph, she tore my heart with her voice!

Okay, enough blabbing. Enjoy your Wednesday, peeeeeeeps!




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