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Okay, after Nirvana In Fire, I was super impressed with Hu Ge and was determined to start The Disguiser. And I have to say I’m not regretting one bit with my decision. The first 10 minute into the episode 1 and I was already blown away by the cast and the story. My hub immediately said this drama is worth watching. And I’m surprised that this is my seventh Chinese drama this year! Aren’t you impressed with my progress? I totally diverse my drama watch this year. 13980854361531079787Back to The Disguiser, this 41 episode drama is equally as good as Nirvana In Fire. Same producer, same network and nearly same cast. What I love the most about The Disguiser is that it is more of a modern historical drama. And I’ve always fond of Kuomintang (KMT) and Communist collaboration work against the Japanese. We all know how Japanese treated the Chinese back then. They really took the opportunity of a weaken Chinese government since the last true Han Chinese dynasty was the Ming dynasty. We all know the last emperor of China, under the Qing dynasty, was nothing but a puppet. Oy, have I gone too far? I think I am. Duibuqi.KnStW7WsMBAKnStW7WsMBFThis drama took place during one of the clashes in the Sino-Japanese war. The betrayal in this drama is unbearable to watch. Directly or indirectly, you simply can’t trust anyone. It started when Ming Tai got recruited as a KMT spy. He succeeded in penetrating and infiltrating the Japanese’s plan but then KMT collapsed and he was forced to join with the Communist party. He later married a communist spy nicknamed Keiko. Ming Tai suspected that his brother is on the Japanese side as he always cooperated with them. But in reality, Ming Lou is a double spy. His sister, Min Jing, is a well-known strong businesswoman but unknowingly that she is a part of the communist party too. In the Ming family, it is hard to tell who are they loyal to. Min Jing is very protective of Ming Tai. In turn, he uses this opportunity as disguise and hide his true identity.10-20-49-39-132015081415161302359905The villain in this drama is Wang Man Chu. I just have to mention her character. She is someone that you want to kill and murder repeatedly. You may wonder how that she is so brainwashed to fight her own people. This goes back to history again. The last Han dynasty was Ming and the Qing dynasty is of Manchurian lineage. The Chinese was then governed by foreigners. I don’t blame that Man Chu was compensated a lot to fight her own people. It is for survival and she’s not only brainwashed, she truly believe that the Japanese will take over China. 20150901150703186So far, I’ve seen 34 episodes. I could have finished it sooner but the drama was too intense that I cannot watch more than two episodes in one sitting. Too much for my heart. But I’m determine to finish it this week. I really need to see the end of Wang Man Chu. She is officially on my sh*t list! Back to The Disguiser, you MUST watch this drama. I believe it is one of the best adaptation drama I saw besides Nirvana.

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4 thoughts on “Currently Watching: The Disguiser

  1. This is on my list – just as soon as I can move on from NIF! I tried watching the first 10-15 minutes & just couldn’t get used to seeing Prince Jing in a suit. It was too much too soon, and I went back for a NIF rewatch instead, lol XD


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