Just Watched: Snow Lotus

LDSo… it’s almost the end of the year and I’m short of two sageuk dramas. Ack! But no fret, Snow Lotus to the rescue! Well, sorta… I decided to make a last minute adjustment to my 2015 resolution and thought part sageuk/part modern drama should be okay. Well, at least it still historical/fantasy kind. *giggle* I should just eat my words from now on *laughs* *sticks tongue out*.Snow-Lotus2Anyway, Snow Lotus arrived just in time before 2015 ends in 11 days. I got excited when Bel said she enjoyed the drama. Plus, with only 2 episodes, this special web drama is stunningly beautiful and well executed. Surprisingly, with the way the story lines were written, I didn’t expect they would able to convey the message to the audience. But well, well, well…  I’m super impressed. It is a great performance by the casts.Snow-Lotus1This fantasy webdrama is very interesting and unlike I’ve seen before. The story of modern life is parallel to the one that both OTPs have been dreaming. It is a very interesting concept in that both are curious of their dreams and not realizing that each other are dreaming nearly the same dream. In the dream life, he is a commoner and she came from the noble family, and her fiance is in between their love life. In present life, he is a super rich gaming CEO guy who uses his dream as his latest online game concept and hired her to transform his dream life into drawings. She was able to put his dream as he dreamed because she was part of the dream too! He was amazed and shocked by she was able to draw it as vividly as his dreams. Sadly, in the present life, their affairs was intervene by his fiance.resizeresize (1)What makes it different in dream and present life is that she crossed dress as a man and that’s how they are able to get closed whereas in the present life, she disguised himself as a man. He somehow felt different when he’s with her but couldn’t figure out her/his identity. Snow Lotus was too short. I wish it could have been longer. I love of this drama. The concept was awesome. I really wish we get to see more of this parallel life drama in future. seolryeonhwa3


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