Mini Recap: Siren Final Episode

Siren_(Japanese_Drama)-p1Dear god, are we ready to see the end of Siren? Was Kara really dead? If yes, why is there another episode? Is it just a filler or are we going to see another shocking episode? Did you remember that by the end of episode 8 the villa was burned down. We do not know who burn the villa down. Do you think Tomi and Yuki escaped? Or did they perish along with dead Kara in the house? Let’s see how the story goes.sirenAs expected, the police arrived too late. Tomi and Yuki already outside of the burning villa. Who dragged them out? *rubs chin* We then transported to the hospital. Tomi had a bad dream after talking to his doctor. He woke up and saw Kara injected something into his IV bag. He slapped her hand but then realized it was just his….. mind. Ando visited him and explained the whole situation. He said they found a dead body in the villa. She was unrecognizable but they found a bullet buried in her chest. Tomi said Yuki shot Kara on self-defense. He then visited Yuki in her room. The twins were there and left to give the lovebirds some privacy. Yuki leaned on his shoulder and they kissed. Tomi felt weird when they kissed. Her kiss was somehow different. And he immediately had a flashback on Kara’s friend when she too felt weird out from gazing at Kara’s picture. Tomi’s mind started to spinning again. His mind began to piece out all the puzzles again… FotorCreatedsiren4On his way out, Tomi bumped into Yuki’s mom. She told him Yuki is acting weird. She appeared to look like Yuki but the feeling was different. They both collected sample of Yuki’s hair and send out for confirmation. The DNA came out positive. But then Yuki’s mom called again. She said that Yuki had takoyaki (a delicacy made from octopus in which Yuki is allergic to). Tomi started planning again. He began to doubt Yuki. He gave her his apartment key with a GPS attached inside the key chain. He told Yuki’s mom of his suspicion and she panicked. Where is Yuki? Is she dead?sirensiren2After discharged from the hospital, Tomi went back to Sachi’s home town to meet her mom. Towada-san has dementia so he chatted with the nurse . The nurse told him that Sachi left home and Towada checked in to the nursing home. From the paperwork, she found out that Sachi was not her blood daughter. Tomi then remembered that Yuki once told him she was adopted too. He immediately went back to the school and browsed the yearbook again. He finally got to see Sachi’s face! It appears that Sachi is Yuki’s twin. Meanwhile, Yuki watches Tomi’s location through her phone. It turns out she placed a detector in his pocket. Then we got to see the flashback encounter of Sachi with the real Kara. So now we know that Kara has transformed herself into Yuki! Or should we say, back to her face again? For the love of Siren, where is Yuki?????siren3“The evindence of impersonation,” as thought by Tomi brought him back to the bridge where Sachi pushed her drunken dad. He started to dig and found a skeleton. But wait, how did he know where to dig??? *scratches head* He pulled his phone to check on Kara’s whereabouts. She’s right behind him! Yuki greeted him and Tomi told her that he found the real Kara’s body. “You’re Towada Sachi, right?”She asked him to look at her properly and started to hug him. But right then, she took out a knife hidden underneath her sleeves and attempted to stab him. Tomi caught on to her and flipped her over. Right then, Kara’s personality came out. She praised Tomi’s reflexes. He asked where Yuki is and she immediately fled. The game is on and she attacked him again. The fight was intense. Tomi repeatedly ask for Yuki’s location.sirenFotorCreatedKara and Tomi ran towards the bridge and Tomi, once again, asked where is Yuki. She sent him a message and it was a picture of dead Yuki. “You’re lying,” said Tomi. Kara said she wouldn’t lie and started attacking Tomi again. She was surprised that Tomi grabbed the knife and didn’t flustered by her. She tried to intimidate him more but he showed no feeling whatsoever. He then used his strength and strangled her. The police came and Tomi jump off the bridge and escaped. Kara was impressed with Tomi. He took out his phone and started crying and apologizing for not able to save Yuki. Meanwhile, Kara watches Tomi’s location from her phone.sirensiren2Ando received a call on Tomi’s action and was frustrated again. Chitose told him that Tomi suspected that Yuki has a twin and asked her to investigate. She confirmed that Yuki’s twin is Sachi. Ando ordered his team to find Tomi. Right after his gave out his order, Tomi called. He signaled to his team to detect the location of the call and they found it. His team went immediately and found no Tomi. Meanwhile, Chitose went to Yuki’s parents and gave her the update. Yuki mom stopped her dad from going to Yuki’s room. Meanwhile, Yuki was in pain. Her painkiller did not help. Her scalp started to bleed. She left home to get more painkiller. Tomi followed him. He attacked her by crashing his motorcycle but she managed to escape.siren4sirenKara went to the clinic and demanded Tsukimoto to give her something for her pain. She asked why was her skin started darkening and he told her that her skin was dying after numerous surgeries. She was angry for the result and attacked him. Suddenly, the front door was kicked and Tomi walked in. She led Tomi to the second floor and threw Yuki at him. Tomi almost kill Yuki until he realized who she is. He was thrown to the floor. Kara attacked Tomi again. They started attacking each other. Tomi was determined to kill Kara. She pointed the gun at Yuki and told him to throw the knife away. Kara told him that she will kill him and Yuki.siren2siren3“You want Yuki’s sense of justice?” This time it is Tomi’s turn to mess with Kara’s mind. He told her that she will never gain that sense of justice. Tomi explained that the person Kara wanted to kill the most is herself and she started to repeat what he said. He said that her suppression feeling that drove her to be this insane. She started to feel confused and wanted Tomi to shut up. She shot him but thankfully Yuki was strong enough to push Tomi away. He was shot in his shoulder but managed to get onto her. The police came just in time and arrested Kara. Yuki teared up and started apologizing to Tomi.sirensiren2Yuki’s parent came and went with her to the hospital. Tomi stayed behind even though he knows he’s injured. Ando asked whether he was serious on killing Kara. Tomi admitted he was and Ando squeezed his arm as approval. Once recovered, Yuki visited Towada-san. She was startled when Towada-san referred her as Sachi. Tomi nodded at her and she walked towards Sachi’s mom. Back in the precint, she told Kara aka Sachi that she met her mom. Sachi started to speak up. She said she heard the story of her twin and wanted to be like her. Kara confessed that Tomi is right. She was jealous. And her jealousy led to commit 8 deaths.sirensiren3So back to who started the fire at the villa? Kara, with Yuki’s face, burned the house down while Tsukimoto dragged Tomi out of the house. The dead Kara was the kickboxer Kara met previously. In the end, the case was closed. It turns out Yuki decided to stay with her team and declined her spot with First Division unit. In turn, Hayami got his spot. siren

The End

Impressions on Siren Final Episode:

Wow! WOW WOW WOW! What an unexpected ending! Who would have thought that Sachi is Yuki’s twin! Now it all makes sense! Oh geez, what a brilliant drama! To be honest, I did not expect the ending to be this way. Siren was brilliantly written, perfectly executed and constantly kept you on your knees! Bravo to the writer!



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