Currently Watching: Transit Girls

b1zayYD4_9f3cbd_fJapanese are moving on to the daring side! Transit Girls is an open lesbian relationship drama I’ve seen to date. Though they try not to cross the icky part, since the issue is still not as open as we think it is, but this is definitely a great start! When Bel and I heard it, we immediately decided to watch it. We love exploring such relationship in dramas. We have seen so many dramas and are open to watch new things. We love it! tumblr_nyitpwN4w91r0y63wo2_500

The story is pretty simple. Two girls became step sisters when their parents decided to marry. Sayuri is the younger and Yui is older. Sayuri is still in the high school whereas Yui, a dropped out college student, working as a part time photographer. She came to know Sayuri one day when she photographed her praying in a temple. When she found out that Sayuri is her step sister, she immediately approached and kissed her. Yeap, I saw this all in episode 1! Wow, that was quick!CUUzd7oU8AA_kipSayuri got confused and started questioning herself. Is she or is she not a lesbian? She slowly open up to her step sister but saw how closed Yui is with her male boss. She felt disgraced and humiliated. She thought she figured out who she is but got really upset with Yui’s closeness with another male. Is this jealousy real? 5087475550874850_480x320

Meanwhile, their parents thought that the kids are hating one another and they felt that they should separate. But should they? This 8 episodes drama is scheduled to end on December 26, 2015. So far I’ve seen 4 episodes. Though it is rather slow, the development of characters are quite rich and deep. The girls are quite new in the acting business but I feel Transit Girls is their breakthrough work. Sayuri is a very angry girl whereas Yui is a shy, quiet and secretive girl. I love these two characters. If you get a chance to watch it, please do. It’s no harm exploring an alternative romance drama, to be honest. I just love watching it from another perspective. Give it a watch *wink*

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