Breaking News: It’s Fei Liu’s Birthday!

11098592_430298317151399_1217032267_nFor Wu Lei’s fans out there, today is this kid’s birthday! I really enjoyed his cute acting in Nirvana In Fire. I really am looking forward to his upcoming work, The Imperial Doctoress. And this child actor has so many dramas in his portfolio. Wow! He’s truly a born actor! Wu Lei is 16 now. 16!!!! Oh my goodness, he definitely has many years ahead of him and already this popular. I really look forward to his future work, he is definitely an actor to watch! 7b2f2fe1-ab0f-4a31-a7d0-85aaf136e5757fad39afjw1evp6ep8zk1j21w01f0b2c1435411X5-2

And look at the following photo shoots! Is he really 16? Wow! Thanks LifeWithDramas for the photos!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And I’d like to thank Yanhua Chen for this clip! He is just adorable!!!

So can you blame me for spamming my post with Wu Lei? *giggle*

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You can’t! You just can’t! *teary laughs*. But before I end, let’s wish our cutie boy a very Happy Birthday! I wish him all the best in his future career! Remember, he is a rising star!


Lang Ya Bang 3




6 thoughts on “Breaking News: It’s Fei Liu’s Birthday!

  1. Thanks for sharing, cute video of Fei Liu!
    I can’t believe he was only 15 years old when they filmed Nirvana!
    This boy is totally amazing!
    I will be watching him grow XD


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