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q1XKzOb4_c93602_fI never imagine that I would be watching a Japanese drama on Netflix but guess what? I am!!! Oh wow, thank you Netflix and thanks Bel for pointing this out to me! I hope this won’t be the one and only jdrama, keep ’em coming! And Atelier is a great drama to start, who would have thought that Netflix would work with Fuji TV and produce this awesome sauce drama! I love the title Atelier but this drama is also known as Underwear! Ack! Wae wae wae??? I’m embarrassed! Really! But this drama is nothing of some sort! It is an undergarment fashion industry drama! Wow, it has been awhile since I last saw business-themed drama! And freakin’ love it! LLLLLLLLLove it!20151126-underwear-thumb-950x633-16695Atelier is a very interesting drama to begin with. Mind you that I saw it with my boys and of the batch, we got to see women in panties and bras. They were gorgeous undergarments, though. But that’s not the point! My son saw more skin than he has seen before! He gave this half smiling, half awkward look to me! “What’s a double D, mommy?” Oh geez, I pretended that I didn’t hear him *wink*. Anyway, I think Atelier is very girly drama. It sort of reminded me of The Devil Wears Prada meet *shrug* I don’t know… Midas? It certainly funny and cute, and at the same time very determined and business-like. Did I say I love it? I did I did *giggle*5406Atelier told the story of Mayu, an aggressive and curious countryside young lady who found a job with Emotion, a specialty store specialized in undergarment making. Emotion is pioneered and led by President Namjo. Mayu immediately fit herself in well and aggressively wanting to learn all. Her aggressiveness made her look a bit ignorant but the fact that she dares to challenge her boss, Mayu puts herself on another level. Mayu constantly confused by the way things were done or thought in Emotion. Being that she’s new, she keeps questioning things. I don’t blame her since she is new and she needs to know in order to understand the whole undergarment business.maxresdefaultMayu slowly starting to understand. By episode 4, you started to see her transformation. She no longer came in to work in her boring suit! I mean who wears suit to work in a fashion industry? Who does that? Well, Mayu did. Her transformation not only by her appearance, but by her attitude as well. She enjoys her work a lot more and compliment of her colleagues with her bestie. She even took initiative and designed her own undergarment design. Mayu was impressive. When two of Emotion employees left for a bigger company because President Namjo refuses to release her brand commercially, Mayu stepped up. When these two stole her ideas, she made an effort to build up Emotion’s image without compromising the quality and the name. 5404Atelier is definitely a Japanese drama to watch. I’m surprised that I don’t hear this drama before. Since it is only 13 episodes long, which I find it long for a Japanese drama series, I highly recommend Atelier. And while it is still showing on Netflix, please watch it there. We want Netflix to air more Japanese dramas!



12 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Atelier

  1. I absolutely LOVED THIS DRAMA! I also love that people spoke their minds, we got backstories, and women were actually nice and pushed each other to be better. I loved the WOMANCE between the Mayus’ (weird that they kind of had the same name) loved the way they handled Emotion ideas being stolen, and how everyone developed, even the side characters Mayu’s growth was executed properly-which rarely happens in dramas. This drama was amazing and I am seriously hoping for a S2.


  2. This was actually a fairly recent drama! No one talked about it, I never even seen it mentioned on the blogs I follow. But now that Netflix has a exclusive with Fuji, I am hoping we see more of these that literally drop below the radar!! Make sure you rate it! We already know that Netflix knows what you watch!!


  3. I saw this pop up in my suggested dramas the other day. I admit I didn’t really give it a second look. But! After reading this it sounds like something right up my alley! Thanks for pointing me in the direction of this drama!


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