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I felt pressured when so many people are watching Oh My Venus and I was not. I really wanna be in the crowd. I wanted the attention too *giggles*. Plus, the anticipated pairing of Shin Min Ah with So Ji Sub is something that no one should missed. But I think it got a bit out of hands. I’m surprised that there are some that are not a fan of this pairing. Some finds Shin Min Ah boring. *hands on cheeks* Oh my God, really? I never thought I would hear this. Min Ah boring? Wow, I did not see that coming! And then I met a few that flat out told me that they don’t find gangsta oppa Ji Sub attractive. Whoa whoa, say that again? That is so not ganji, people! Really? Sure, oppa can be a bit….. older but to find him unattractive? Hmmmm…. *rubs chin*x6hxqRBOh_My_Venus-SJSBut, but… if you don’t like them, there are SuJu’s adorableness Henry who constantly referring Min Ah’s character Kang Joo Eun as ma’am (now I really want a cute adorableness to follow me around and call me ma’am too!) and hunky Noble, My Love Sung Hoon *bats lashes*. Yoo In Young is back as well though I never like in any of her so called “villain” characters. I don’t get why she’s drawn to such foolish and weak second lead. And of course, Jung Gyu Woon is back. I think the show has solid cast but all depends on the presentation and story plots, right? RIGHT!so-ji-sub-super-junior-ms-henry-and-sung-joon-prepare-to-train-shin-min-ah-in-oh-my-venusWhen I started Oh My Venus, I thought to myself, what is this? Why am I not drawn to it one bit? If not because of Henry’s ma’am here and ma’am there, I think I would have quit this show. Jjinja, I was not hooked. Even until now, I’m not so into it. I’m fed up with the OTP playing rookie in love for the past 10 years… I mean 10 episodes. Seriously, the writer should know better. These actors are not in their cute teens anymore, so to act cheesy cute at this age can be awkward. Thankfully these two are darling to me so I found them terribly attractive. But at some point though, enough is enough. “Your body is mine” can be translated into numerous meanings in your head, depending on the time of day or month!CVWtJocU8AAoA-Ofullsizephoto653262

Do I sound harsh? I guess I am because I’m a bit disappointed with the ruckus the writer is throwing at us. We have been waiting for the OTP to be on the same screen for gazillion years and what we got? Blahhhhh. Don’t get me wrong, we got great chemistry with the OTP and the men! I’m just… I should shut up before someone smack me in the face. But anyway, what Oh My Venus is all about? So we got So Ji Sub as Kim Yeong Ho or aka John Kim. He lives in the US,  *rolls eyes* and a well-known Hollywood trainer. He and his minions escaped the US one day due to a cruel rumor that he was dating a famous actress. On his way back to Seoul, he met Kang Joo Eun in an awful situation. Kang Joo Eun happened to be in the US on her work assignment. One her way home, she took a strong alcohol with medicine and she suffered a massive illness that made her suffered a massive chest attack. So who came to rescue our damsel in distress? None other than our knight in shining armor! *giggle*8672f53dd858c15b23f9dccb5a3c94a4Kang Joo Eun is in an off-and-on relationship with Im Woo Sik. Joo Eun has put on weight since they started and now in dire need of losing those weight. Woo Sik officially and finally left her for Soo Jin, a once overweight gal she’s now super slender and thin, and also Joo Eun’s new boss. So you can imagine how much her ego is hurting! Just coincidentally, she keeps bumping to John Kim. She doesn’t know his identity and nor him to her. But one day she found his card and thought Ji Woong is John Kim. She went to his place and beg him to help her lose her weight. To revenge against Woo Sik, of course! But what she ended finding was Yeong Ho is the real John Kim!12232832_1668178280096346_8573876116105751732_oThe encounter between the two are funny and he had helped her big time. Along with getting her on a diet, they both developed a healthy relationship as well. But… BUT there is a catch! Yeong Ho never disclosed to Joo Eun his real identity and when she found out, she immediately feel that she is not his match. The money gap is too big and Joo Eun knows her place well. shin-min-ah-and-so-ji-sub-become-unlikely-fitness-partners-in-oh-my-venusHow would Oh My Venus ends? I just started episode 11 and 5 episodes away to the ending. Would these two able to go through their differences in health, wealth and status gap and survive their relationship? I think they will, don’t you think? I can’t wait to see the ending but I really hope that the writer will stop toying with us and treat us with dignity. I would watch Oh My Venus as my fluffy filler drama or marathon it on my day off. It is painful to watch it live. I feel that my time is wasted. Sorry chingu, I blame the writer *shrugs*Oh My Venus


11 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Oh My Venus

  1. Yeah, I’ve been underwhelmed by this one too. Still figuring out my reasons why this hasn’t been working for me, but it’s good to know I’m not alone! Especially after seeing so much squee over this show – I don’t understand how people are loving this :/


    • Me too. KBS has lost its oooomph, they don’t have quality writers and now betting on famous and good looking OTP. I have giving up on KBS daily dramas and eventually I will give up on their prime time dramas too *sigh*. I feel bad for this awesome pairing.

      I’m not sure what people are squee-ing on. The OTP? The boys? The cute cheesy moments? I don’t know *shrug*


  2. I haven’t even started “Oh My Venus” so I’ve been skipping recaps and reviews. I liked Shin Min-a in “Arang & the Magistrate” and “My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho”, her leading men were favorites of mine and I enjoy the fantasy genre when done well. So Ji-sub’s performance in “Master’s Sun” was captivating and I’ve only seen him in one other drama called “Ghost” aka “Phantom” and I enjoyed his performances. Oh, I forgot he was in “Something Happened in Bali” too, but that drama was a bit depressing for me. I’ve seen each of the main cast members in dramas except for Henry so I will look forward to watching once it’s finished it’s run and will come back to your reviews.


      • I’ll get back to you, it’ll be awhile though. Once “Cheese In the Trap” airs next week I’ll probably be caught up in that. Loved Kim Go-eun in “Memories of the Sword”. She’s the same age as my daughter; when we got home from the theatre my daughter said “I want that movie!” And, being the indulgent mother I am it was ordered and we’ll be watching again at home. Sorry for rambling.


        • I need to watch that movie, it’s in my queue. Don’t rush it on your OMV watch, really it’s not a big of a deal drama. If you can forget about it, please do. No worries on rambling, I love to do that too 😂

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  3. Hey Nelly, Thanks for sharing this, I will definitely skip it now ( was 50/50 undecided 😛 )
    I’ve been watching Superman because of triplets and now with them leaving the show, I guess there’s nothing left on KBS for me! Hahaha

    I guess it’s like da jie says, the ones who squee are in their teens, just what happened with Glamorous Temptation!


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