Currently Watching: Wu Xin: The Monster Killer

mLnWyZO3_d46b76_fI was intrigued by the synopsis (Yeap, I read it) and decided to give it a watch. Bel raved about it, too! I wanted to start earlier but my mind was too centered around The Disguiser so I had to push Wu Xin aside. Now that I finally able to start it, I couldn’t stop watching it. For a start, the opening theme song is so beautiful that I can’t stop singing to it. It’s so soothing! Wait, even the end credit is beautiful! I keep humming to it too…f1d1827fWu Xin is a 20-episode fantasy wuxia drama. To be honest, I am never a fan of wuxia drama. Kinda like I’m never into sageuk drama genre too. So to see myself watching Wu Xin is beyond me. I’m surprised by my own desire so whatever… Thankfully Wu Xin is entertaining and captivating. Plus, since Elvis Han isn’t shy to take his clothes off, I’m feeling extremely blessed and happy *jazzy hands*127932349_14346779409731nIf you are unsure whether you should watch it or not, allow me to give you a quick synopsis. Wu Xin actually doesn’t know who he is. He appeared humanly but he isn’t; he doesn’t know what he is but definitely an immortal kind. But what he knows is that he loves Yue Ya and wants to spend the rest of his life with her (they got married in episode 17). Wu Xin uses his magic ability and disguises himself as a monk. Not any kind of monk, but a monk who consumed meat! *laughs* Anyhow, Wu Xin is the ghostbuster of China! *nods* Every episode we would get to see different kind of monsters. He would fight them to the bone. After all, he is a monster killer. But there is one monster that he could not kill… Yue Qi Luo. She is a monster of a different kind. At episode 18, I still can’t really read her intention. What does she wants for being evil to human kind? *shakes head angrily* Like Wu Xin, she is not human too. She is immortal of a different kind. She feed herself on human soul to stay alive and always attacking human with her paper dolls!143927239038978100_a580x330Where is this show taking me? I don’t know. I hope Qi Luo will be vanished forever! I know she remains alive to revenge on something… But what is it I don’t know. And to be honest, I really don’t care! I just want Wu Xin to kill her and move on with his life. Would I recommend this show? ABSOLUTELY! Wu Xin is one entertaining drama. It can be cheesy at times and the CGI can be super juvenile but who.the.hell. cares! You would want to watch this because… It is interesting. It is entertaining. It is fun. It is unique. Action oriented, too! It is super fantasy of a different kind. Watch it if you haven’t *wink*

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