Just Watched: Lily Fever

V3WGeow3_c24ada_fWow, another web drama! I can’t believe how many web dramas I’ve seen in 2015! Too many! And this time, Lily Fever came knocking on my watch with a lesbian theme. Wow, I’m impressed that the Koreans are heading towards homosexual route! I can’t say how widely this drama was publicized but I really am curious to know their opinions. Does it matter? Well, of course! Lily Fever is ultimately a test drama to see how this topic is accepted in SK. I know Koreans are religious. And some of us are, too!maxresdefault (1)This 9-episode web drama was short. I completed the series in under 30 minutes. I can’t say it was fun though… It’s not that I’m not comfortable with a lesbian theme drama but the way the story was presented to the audience was messy and lacking details. Seriously I cannot understand the motive behind Se Rang. Was she experimenting or simply bored? Was she acting or sincerely genuine with her feeling towards …? What’s her name? Kyung Ju!maxresdefaultRight now, I really applauded the PD and writer for exploring this issue but I really cannot recommend this web drama to my readers. The story was so unstructured and it frustrated me. And I kept comparing it to Transit Girls! *slaps herself* Lily Fever lost me from the beginning to the end. I was able to follow some but not all. This is just too bad… I want to like it! *sigh* Sorry Lily Fever, it’s a thumb down from me. maxresdefault (2)


2 thoughts on “Just Watched: Lily Fever

  1. Personally I thought Lily Fever was way better than Transit Girls lol. It’s quirkier, keeps me guessing about what’s going to happen next and I thought the actresses were way cuter too. But maybe that’s just me!


    • Really? I don’t know, maybe I was too uptight and was not open to accept it. I was hoping for more quirkier >.< and you know, with me constantly comparing it with Transit Girls really hurts it.


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