Wednesday Eu-Mak: Run, Run… Running Man Edition!

3970_gongyoo_RunningMan_Nowplay_SmallGood Wednesday, everyone! How is your second week of January looking for ya? Looking good so far? Mine? Off the wagon already… I know! Don’t tell me, I’m not motivated right now but I promise my dying self that I will get back on track this Thursday. My husband is leaving. He is running away. But no fret yeoreobun, it is only temporary. And this is why I have been mum over this year’s future. He is moving to California. And what is this means? No, we are still not moving there yet. Myself and kiddo will remain in DC. For now. So yeap, we will be doing this long distance relationship.

And that is my obstacle number 1 for 2016. There will be more! I’m not running away, but I wish I could run and hide though T___T. Anyway, speaking of running, this week I decided to focus on Running Man! Kang Gary and Kim Jong Kook recently released some songs and I’d like to take this opportunity to include their songs in my eu-mak segment *wink*118mzhe

The first one would be Gary’s Lonely Night. For all you Gary and Song Ji Hyo shippers, this MV is for you! Can we just assume that the Monday couple is together already? They should just hook up, don’t let us second guessing. Right? Anywho, Gary wrote this song and he was inspired by Korean drama, Misaeng. Who knew! I wonder why… Perhaps, he finally saw Misaeng? Lonely Night is a beautiful song. Gary’s voice is just to die for! And I love Gaeko’s rapping in the back. They compliment each other greatly!

Here is a bonus song by Gary…. Get Some Air. I really need some air *laughs* The beat is so awesome. Very groovy, I can’t but swaying to left and right. Love it!


The next one would be Jong Kook’s Again. To be honest, this song sounds too cheesy to my ears. Besides, I really can’t take this song very serious. Running Man is to be blamed *giggle*. I wanted to laugh so badly each time he’s on my screen! Arrghhhh sorry Jong Kook-ssi!

On the other hand, I can take him very serious with Hide and Seek. This song is so lovely and less cheesy. Jong Kook sounds very nasally though, I’m not a fan. I wonder how this song would sounds like if K. Will sings it… Hmmmmm *rubs chin*.

I hope you are entertained by my choice of songs for this week. I will be back next week hopefully with something different. Have a great day, peeps!



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