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So I was doing a “research” one night and stumbled over Battle of Changsha. It received a 9.0 rating on MDL. Wow, it’s pretty damn high! I dug more on this show and realized Wallace Huo is in it! The main lead! HIM! Bingo! It’s Wallace! I need a Wallace fixed! So I immediately alerted my fairy godmother aka Bel and before I could even breathe a sigh of relief, she uploaded all 32 episodes! And with that, I thank her for feeding my drama soul *bows*. Back to Battle of Changsha, this drama got my dear hub excited as well. He’s an avid history and war story. Sadly though, he couldn’t start with me since he left for California.99828054124538152_21n

As I said earlier, Battle of Changsha is 32 episodes long with a typical 45 minutes length per episode. I have seen 16 episodes and so far, to be honest, I do not understand why people would rate this drama this high. Everything was perfect. The story build up was good. The development of the story to where I am now was slow but at a steady pace. I still can accept that. But what I can’t accept is that after 16 episodes in and I still see no battle!!!! Wait, I apologize… I saw a battle towards the end of episode 16. *roles eyes* So what have I been watching for the past 15 years? I mean…. 15 episodes? A bloody family drama! Did I sign up for this? Yeah, I should have read the synopsis! But now that I have read it, they should have not released such synopsis! It’s all wrong! The love story happened to be during the Sino-Japanese war era. I spent my time wondering where is the war? *scratches head*10677368416095166918233535063

Yes, I am a bit frustrated but I will not quit it. The family issue… The drama in the Hu family is almost over. I spent the first 12 episodes watching Jun Shan trying to curb his naughty and childish sister in law, Xiang Xiang and her twin brother Xiaoman. The twins constantly creating problems to the family. I really can’t stand it, they both are a pain in the azz! I thought Chinese people are good at disciplining their kids! Okay, that was bad of me to say that since #1 I’m stereotyping it and #2 I am 1/2 Chinese! But but… don’t these kids understand that their parents are old and her brother in law is the breadwinner of the household? It is tiring watching him chasing after the twin, I’m so glad that Gu Qing Ming was not pleased with his first meet with XiangXiang. I mean who would want to take a wife like her? f00123iqwls_ori_1

Sorry, I was just ranting but let me tell you in details. XiangXiang is only in teens but her brother in law has been trying to marry her to a good family for the sake of her future. The first victim is Gu Qing Ming. He is an intelligence officer for the Nationalist Army. He is a very intelligent person but has this cold persona that intimidated XiangXiang. XiangXiang, on the other hand, has one nasty potty mouth. She speaks her mind so loud that sure enough disgusted Qing Ming. She was introduced to several boys later and XiangXiang managed to escape from these marriages. Meanwhile, whenever she and her twin brother got in trouble, Qing Ming somehow always around to save her azz! Xiaoman felt that Qing Ming has a thing for her. I agree with him *beams* but the man is not ready to commit. I mean who want a wife like her? Even though the world is modern now, no one wants a wife like Xiang Xiang.20140317180508_92813

So where will Battle of Changsha take me? To be honest, I really don’t know. I finally saw a war broke between the Chinese and Japanese. XiangXiang, after escaping yet another potential wedding, decided to attend nursing school. When she made her mind, I thanked god and hoped that she will mature with her experience as a nurse. I was told that the story will picks up once the war started. My hope for this drama? I don’t know… I really can’t see where the show will take me but I will not quit. Perhaps the second half of the series will get intense. I’m dying to see how XiangXiang and Qing Ming’s love blossom. I have a feeling that they will be a “cat and dog” couple! Whether they will be together in the end, I’m not sure. Trust me… It is a war drama so you can’t expect a happy ending!

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