Currently Watching: Marry Me, or Not?

21670787350_f606d21230_bI really hesitated to start Marry Me or Not. First of all, I do not know the cast. Second, it is a Taiwanese drama. Do you know my love hate relationship with all dramas from this country? The most recent Taiwanese drama, Moon River, had me fool. It started great. No, it started super awesome and fun. It ended up in the… whatchamacallit, weak and in the puddle of gunk! What a waste of my 30 hours! Seriously, another terrible drama when the writer went bat shit crazy and dragged her viewers with her! I hate to talk bad on her work but she fool us completely!5571a3b730454And this time, I’m watching yet another one. Erl begged me to watch this. I succumbed to her demand. My tummy churned like a major hurricane as if it about to give me a diarrhea or something worse when I started it. I was so afraid that Marry Me or Not will go south. I constantly reminding myself that this show can go wrong. So has it gone wrong? Not yet. I’m on episode 10 now and have 5 episodes to go. I will remain conservative until the end. So far, no puddle of gunk… Thank goodness! But the show is not fluffy either. A few characters bother me. Then I realized, this is another office romance drama. Oy… what have I got myself into? *rolls eyes*0bdd03f7-563b-076b-00d7-393000f95dfeThe story is simple. And it could have been resolved had the main characters hear each other out. Noooooo, of course not and they both drag their misunderstanding for years and years. It ruins their friendship. Who am I talking about? Hao Sheng Nan and Chai Huan Zhen. Back in the college time, these two are besties. Hao Sheng Nan told Chai Huan Zhen that she likes Jiang Qian Yue. But when Sheng Nan caught Huan Zhen meeting Qian Yue privately, Hao Sheng Nan felt betrayed and disgusted with her forever friend. She confronted Huan Zhen without hearing her out. And that’s how their friendship went downhill and eventually friends no more. 25664e59-da12-4b26-b8af-9f01f128b5c1_VDnZ5iRzCcXbb0w9xA5_Mh3G4F4qxODhXvQw9RisfoXmaxresdefaultFast forward years later, they both ended up working in a prominent travel agency. Both Sheng Nan and Huan Zhen remains enemies, of course. They butt headed a lot and even as I’m watching this, I don’t feel comfortable. The worse is Sheng Nan. She wanted to show how successful she is, how good she is… that she uses her own brother, BROTHER, and disguise him as her boyfriend. God!!!! Such competition did not bother Huan Zhen at all. She is seeing someone already. On the night of her engagement, it turns out she will marry Sheng Nan’s youngest uncle! Yeap, talk about shit hitting the fan! Knowing this, Sheng Nan decided to sabotage her wedding by dragging all Huan Zhen exs’. Huan Zhen walked out from her wedding and on her way out, Hao Meng, Sheng Nan’s brother aka her disguise boyfriend was on his way to the wedding hall. Since Huan Zhen was pissed, she grabbed Hao Meng and kissed him. Her parents and Sheng Nan witnessed it! bbc400_p_01_02bbc400_p_01_03The two eventually fell in love but Hao Meng was unable to tell Huan Zhen the truth about him. But when she found out, she was glad that their “fake” love is over. But deep down, the two actually felt love. By episode 10, they both rekindle but the matter is now, how will they continue knowing that… yes, there are too many dilemmas between them and their families and between his and her parents. It is a freaking mess *shakes head*. Speaking of mess, guess who showed up? Jiang Qian Yue! Will these two girls resolve their problems? Right now there are 5 episodes left and I just want it to end. Do I like Marry Me or Not? Still a meh and I will remain conservative until I see happy ending. LB=sW78sKnF


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