Wednesday Eu-Mak: Naturalness

dal-shabet-3.pngHappy Hump Day, yeoreobun! I’m back for another music post for this week. I admit I have a tough time deciding for today’s post. But I managed *beams* and today, I’ve decided that Dal Shabet will be the center of my attention. I had the opportunity to meet them unexpectedly last year when I was in Japan with my MBLAQ girls. I was surprised and excited. The group debut in 2011 with 6 members and today, there are only four. They recently released a new single for their 9th mini album. It is called Someone Like U. How appropriate that they released this song to celebrate their 5th year anniversary as a group.

I really like Someone Like U. It has this 80s vibe which super upbeat and catchy. Seriously, I can’t stop listening to this song. And you totally can dance to it too… What a fun, fun song! Take a listen!

The next song I have for you is one of the songs the girls sang at the concert. It is called Joker! Well, I love the song for the song. I do not want to say anything that could offense anyone coz believe me, there are way too many negative comments out there. Joker debut in April 2015 and now has nearly 7 million views. Wow!!! The choreo is a bit provocative but hey, it’s a girl kpop group so it is expected *shrug*


I hope you enjoy the songs I have selected for today’s post. I’ll see you next Wednesday! Cheers!


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