Currently Watching: High-End Crush

fullsizephoto648610I’ve been watching my twitter feed and many Tlist have seen this recent posted web drama by Naver. But I also saw many frustrated over Jung Il Woo’s character as CEO Choi. I wonder why… After watching 11 episodes last night, I really do not see what the fuzz is about. So what if he annoyed you? It is part of his character! *throws towel* C’mon, YOLO, people! Just enjoy it! And as Bel pointed out, it gives me Noble, My Love vibe. I sort of agree with her, too. Arrogant male lead who falls for an underrated good girl… Now who doesn’t like that, right? *wink*CZPHRylW0AAftlPImg8068029_nAs for me, I loved it so much that I marathon the show up to mid of episode 11. If not because of my failing eyes last night, I would have finished it by now. Yeap, I really am enjoying High-End Crush. It was funny and cute! Jung Il Woo as a dramatic CEO Choi is funny. I love his hand gestures and awkward facial expression. And his outrageous fashion statement! So drama queen of him *giggle*. Jin Se Yeon is not as broomy as she always does in her dramas. Sure, I still have a hard time believing her forced facial expression which sometimes ends me to zzzzzzz, but I think I could accept her as it is. For now. Her improvement in acting is enough for me to continue with the show *thumbs up*.1451958457395High-End Crush is a story of two opposite characters. CEO Choi, as I said, very dramatic character. Yi Ryeong, on the other hand, a very earthy character. He is one picky CEO and wants everything according to what he has in mind. She is different. She is very cautious and aware of the surroundings even on limited resources. He is super rich and she lives in a mountain. They are living in two different lifestyle. He met up with her by accident. His PA asked Yi Ryeong to model and she gave a much needed attitude to protect herself from this fame work. Their first meeting was extremely dramatic and embarrassing! He saw her naked! *covers eyes* But he fell for her smile and since then, he wants her to sign a contract as a trainee with his entertainment agency. He denied his PA’s speculation on his feelings towards Yi Ryeong but almost believe that he actually is.

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So how the story would end? It is pretty predictable. They will be together. But the process of failing in love? That’s what I’m looking forward to *giggle*. I can see that he started to care so much for her and she is still clueless of this “love” feeling. But we know she’s not a fool. She’s just playing… dumb in love *grin*. And by the way, there are tons of cameo in this drama. Way too many! I laughed big time when I saw Jung Kyung Ho in it *wink*. Ooh, and Monsta X, too! a4f76a69gw1exdrnamamqj21gs0r87dr


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