Just Watched: Just Friends?

fullsizephoto101319Thanks to Mi Mo‘s tweet, I saw Just Friends? last night. She said it was only 30 minutes long and since I had time to spare, so I gave it a watch. I saw it without knowing what the show exactly was. But the reason I decided to give in was because of Lee Je Hoon. I really liked him in Fashion King even though I couldn’t finish the show. And since he is in currently airing Signal (review will be out soon), I thought a tiny focus on his short film is harmless. I just want to see how versatile he is.fullsizephoto104786Well, he is versatile. Just Friends? is not for everyone though. It is a gay lover film and to be honest, pretty racy! The story is simple. Seok Yi paid a visit to Min Soo while Min Soo on a leave from his military enlistment. The two decided to have fun together by roaming around town but they ran into Min Soo’s mom. She asked what are their relationship and Min Soo replied that they are just friends. Mom decided to stay overnight with them and it complicated the situation more (you’ll see what I mean). The next day, mommy dearest decided to visit a temple and told them that she won’t be back until 3 hours later. The two ran back to the rented room and started making out. Oh my *jaw on the floor* I shall not describe what I saw. The two are obviously attracted to each other. But guess who walked in on them? Min Soo’s mom!!!!photo101322Yeap, you get to see all of that in under 30 minutes. For a short film, the story is packed with feelings. The actors did not hold themselves back; they both went all out with the kissing and making out scene. Some of you may find it offensive. It is a homosexual film after all and the PD really wanted to show that even as a gay couple, you can still find happiness. And Min Soo and Seok Yi did… I love the ending where the two ran together in the city and took a moment and stop to kiss. Their love seem genuine and are so adorably dorky together! Thumbs up from me!photo101325

2 thoughts on “Just Watched: Just Friends?

  1. Yes. I like these dramas/movies that are so totally not the norm for Korean entertainment! They are rare and you really have to see them as they are; art. Okay, will be d/l today. Couldn’t d/l a thing yesterday without crashing the internet here!


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