Wednesday Eu-Mak: Featuring… Sung Hoon

c3da7027-9f6b-4df3-9e13-b5ae03ab2440Hello and happy Wednesday from the aftermath Jonas! If you live in the east coast like me, I’m sure your place must be slammed by snow storm. If not? Lucky!!!! I’m actually exhausted from shoveling snow three days in a row. My car was buried, my front door was blocked, my deck was filled with snow and the parking lot was buried with mountains of snow. All those are nearly cleared and now hoping that the sun would melt all the snow on my deck. I’m not going to tackle those since my back and wrist are hurting now T___T. But thanks to Jonas, I was able to catch up on dramas and spent time with my son (we saw Harry Potter and Jaws).

Anyway, for today’s post, I decided to feature MVs with Sung Hoon. Bang Sung Hoon. Yeap, he is Grace‘s precious and thought this would surprise her a bit *smile*.


The first song for this post is called Climax *clears throat* by Nop.K. Nop.K is a new artist and Climax is his debut song and the title of his album. The song isn’t bad; I love the vocal and rapper. Not bad. If they could increase the beat a little bit more… The chorus seems too melo and draggy for my taste. Not powerful enough… *pouts*. Also in this MV, you can see Sung Hoon reprising his Oh My Venus‘ Snake role once more. The man is beautiful and buff. I think he looks good as a boxer. I really hope his next drama or movie will involve sports again. He’s really good at it.


The next song is taken from 6 Persons Room called Sunlight. This song was performed by Sung Hoon’s co-star and singer Geummi of Crayon Pop. Sunlight sounds sad but it is quite beautiful. And not just beautiful, it’s calming to our ears. The sound of the guitar and her soothing voice and occasionally hum and sing by the man himself…. Just pufffect! Sung Hoon himself is as handsome as I remember. Great drama and great song *beams*.

I hope you enjoy these songs. Thanks for stopping by and have a great Wednesday, yeoreobun.



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