Wednesday Eu-Mak: It’s a WINNER!!!

12654680_476773745840052_6736903495559032482_nA very good Wednesday to all of you from a spring-like weather! Yeap, I said spring. Only last week I mentioned of snow storm Jonas and it is now gone gone gone down the hill. I know this is just a temporary warm as we will be getting cold again. Perhaps the spring is around the corner? But we are only in February *sobs*. There will be plenty of chance to snow… Anyway, the weather is a winner! And speaking of that, WINNER is the center of my attention today… Yeap, they are.

I must admit I know nothing of the boys. I don’t follow them around and don’t even know the history of this group. I heard that this album is their first release since their debut album back in 2014. Wow, that is quite a long of a wait! But you know what, now THAT is a comeback! Unlike some groups I shall not name, their so-called comeback is 6 to 9 months apart! What the…? Do we need to make them understand the word comeback? Oy… *facepalm*


Well, let’s focus back to WINNER. The first song I present to you is called Baby Baby. The song was released on the eve of February 1. I saw my twitter feed crowded with happy tears! I guess the girls were so happy and satisfied with the songs. As for me, at the first beat of the song, I’m already impressed. It is quite smooth and doesn’t sound like the usual kpop song. Impressive, YG! *claps* And this song should not be labeled as kpop. It feels so grown up! I mean they still sound very young but the song makes me feel like a real adult. I can actually picture myself listening to Baby Baby while sunbathing in Goa in two weeks from now… Wearing a big smile on my face *wink*.


The next released song (on the same day!) is called Sentimental. As much as the title, it is not sentimental at all but the song is quite fun. The MV is so vibrant and the mood is so happy. But the song is not what I expected. It screams GD! What the hell? Even one of the members look like GD. *pouts* Why can’t they make it WINNER original? I prefer Baby Baby to Sentimental because of this. I’m a bit disappointed… Sadly I am. Sorry.


The final song released on the very same day is called I’m Young. Indeed, I’d like to say I’m Young too *giggle*. Unlike Sentimental, I’m Young is a hair raising song! I just can’t describe this feeling… The mood is just very nostalgic and beautiful. I’m totally ruined by it. And it is performed by Tae Hyun, one of the member that reminds me of GD. But GD no more in here… The song is heartbreaking, the MV is heartbreaking but I can’t stop listening to it! Darn it, I can’t!!!

Okay, I think I should just dig my own grave now coz I’m so dead after hearing all three songs. Of course, I’m Young is the cause of my death now. If you see me next week, that means I survive WINNER. If not… you know where to find me *wink*




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