Just Watched: Helter Skelter and Shoot My Heart

I obviously had some times to catch up on movies. I have guests around and I think drama watching can be time consuming so I opted for movies instead. Needless to say, I made the right decision. Yesterday, I saw two extreme movies. From one psycho movie to another. Surprisingly they weren’t that bad. I enjoyed it very much. So here are my short reviews for the movies I saw:

Helter Skelter


This mature rated Japanese movie is not for everyone. Helter Skelter is a very disturbing movie. Super twisted. Super dark. Super wacko. But surprisingly good! I really did not care about the nudity or sex portrayed in this 2 hour movie. What I really care was the messages it tried to bring. Beauty can be the cause of your own death. And exactly happened to Lilico. A famous supermodel that addicted to cosmetic surgery ends up losing her sanity when her body began to break down from the after effect of too many work done to her body. She started taking her anger from her manager to her agent and to her manager’s boyfriend. Her agent sent her back to the plastic surgeon to show her scar on her face. Her plastic surgeon promised to make her back to “normal” again. While this is going on, an investigation took place where sudden death from the after effect of surgeries and illegal organ donation in the medical practice. Are these cases related to Lilico? As her agent said “except for her eyeballs, nails and pussy”, Lilico is all plastic! Yeap, I said that! *giggle*. WARNING: DO NOT WATCH IT WITH KIDS AROUND!

Shoot My Heart


The next movie I saw was equally crazy yet entertaining. Shoot My Heart is an outstanding diary-like movie told by Soo Myung. He was put into a mental hospital when he found his mom dead in the bath tub at home. Her suicide caused him schizophrenia developed from his guilt towards his mom’s death. In the hospital, he met a wacko Seung Min. He was hospitalized for just because of his family. They both knew they are in the wrong place so they decided to make attempt to escape.

Shoot My Heart is a heart-wrenching movie and very touching to your inner soul. If you have the opportunity to watch it, please do not hesitate. It is worth 2 hours of your time.



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